Sunday, June 14, 2009

au petit chavignol


last night we had dinner at au petit chavignol on east hastings. such an odd spot for a nice restaurant, but at least it isn't crawling with hipsters (yet). the building is quite cool, built in the early 1920s and was used by the royal canadian naval reserve. their cheese shop, les amis du fromage, is situated next door. unfortunately by the time we finished our meal, it was closed, but i would love to go back and pick up some cheese (particularly some of the goat cheese with black truffle oil and some yummy brie.)

their menu is based around cheese, meats, wine and casual french entrées. there was a lot to choose from, so we opted for a tasting platter (various meats, cheeses, crackers and bread), poutine and a croque monsieur, all to share with sparkling pear juice. i think two dishes would have sufficed, as we were really stuffed by the end!

jon was particularly enamored by their slicer, a huge red industrial steering-wheel operated device, that sliced up paper thin pieces of prosciutto behind the bar. unfortunately once the food came, i was too hungry/excited to bother to take pictures of it, or the rest of the restaurant.

les amis du fromage holds cheese and wine tasting events, which i was interested in first, before i discovered the restaurant. you can see the different events here, which include french, italian, and 101 tastings.

845 East Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC
Tel (604) 255-4218


Alison said...

Ha, I had dinner there last night too! (6-7:30 ish) I loved it. My husband was enthralled with the meat slicer too, and mentioned it to our server - she said it was great to "drive"! I hope they make it there, I think the room is great.

chroniclesofshred said...

oh..i am headed up to vancouver this weekend for a few days. i hope i have time to try this!

Stephanie said...

alison- nice! we were there a bit earlier. did you see the used condom balloons blowing down the sidewalk? my boyfriend was laughing, but i was losing my appetite!