Thursday, April 9, 2009


be sure to check out this 10 minute video interview of rick owens on hint! tokyo store to open in september!!

that is all.


-h said...

whenever i see pictures of him, he reminds me so much of kenneth cole.
i liked his interview, i like how normal he is. he's not this eccentric personality. and i too am a big fan of the siesta.
i like the bit at the end, i have enough lawyers now that i dont have to speak french ever! LOL!

Stephanie said...

i really enjoyed the interview. i can empathize with wanting to commit suicide after spending the entire day talking to people! haha. sometimes i need a siesta too, but then afterward my self-discipline goes out the window and i don't feel like working and usually end up watching tv and trolling the internet!

i find it so surprising that he lives in paris yet doesn't speak french.

-h said...

i believe his wife is french. so that must help a lot :)

Stephanie said...

yeah, michele is french, but still! i'm sure he knows a little, but just not enough to do business in french i guess.