Monday, April 6, 2009


Google Translate

jon got us rosetta stone so we could learn some more japanese. i think it is a useful program, because we are learning how to pronounce things properly, and to recognize characters. still patiently waiting for my kanji books from amazon. i guess they won't show up in time to do any studying before my trip. i thought it would be fun to translate my blog into japanese to see how it looks. i wonder if the translation is all mixed up like it is when you translate a japanese website into english?

we met up with our whippet ambassadors sprocket and cricket yesterday at a dog park/beach. santos had a lot of fun meeting other dogs. i think she was happy to see some dogs who can keep up with and outrun her!

Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
santos on the beach
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
random happy beagle
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
wet bulldog. watching him swim was so funny! it looked like a struggle.
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
sprocket chases after santos
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
happy sprocket
Whippet Meet-up 4.5.09
happy cricket. this girl is f-a-s-t! i hope santos can catch up to her when she is grown.


Anna at D16 said...

Hee! The dogs are so cute together! Love them.

Ashes and Milk said...

Rosetta Stone is great, especially for Japanese because it's such a fun language.

In regards to translating English to Japanese, like any language translation, things get lost or are just goofy sounding. It would still be worth it to see your blog in Japanese and to see if you start attracting a new kind of readership.


-h said...

the sprocket and santos picture is so funny and cute!

anijnas said...

The picture with sprocket chasing after santos is amazing! They look like they are flying just a little above the ground, like sea gulls do.

ginevra / red_swirl said...

Do you know katakana? It's used for writing foreign (non-Japanese) words (oh, and sound effects).
There are so many Tokyo signs in katakana / pseudo-English, it's really worth being quick at reading it. Plus menus, if the food is non-traditional (e.g. coffee, chocolate).

Oh, and yes, knowing the pronunciation is really helpful too. Rosetta Stone should help heaps with that, although I found the Rosetta Stone's grammar kinda ... really too advanced for me (after a year of Japanese at Uni).

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Santos & (other dog's too) are beautiful! pictures.

Great blog!

Miss Pickering said...

Just discovered your blog, and did a double take when i saw a picture of Santos, looks so much like my dog. Really interesting blog

Miss P

meredith said...

aw, my dog growing up was named sprocket! he looked like the dog from fraggle rock ;)