Thursday, April 2, 2009



ok, this is really funny. we are going back to tokyo next month! haha. yes, we could only stay away for 7 months (crazy it's been that long) jon found an amazing deal on a flight and hotel, so we said, fuck it, we're going.

so, if there is anyone from tokyo reading my blog (anyone?) do tell me if there is anything i need to check out when i am there next month.

anyway, back into tokyo research mode! i'm so excited that i have my new camera to bring with us. jon is going to be doing some major shopping, and i'm hoping to do some home shopping (lighting perhaps?) and consignment/vintage shopping. not to mention get tickets for the may grand sumo tournament. i think we are both pretty excited to see asashoryu.

i didn't expect this at all. now i really need to save money!


-h said...


Ashes and Milk said...

Japan is very hard to stay from. My husband and I went there last April and this June I'll be heading back solo.

Enjoy the Sumo!

eatinginbalance said...

I just discovered your blog and spent the past hour reading through the entire thing. I love it! I have never found a blog that meshes so perfectly with my taste in clothes and decor. I'm a Stephanie, too, that must be it. :)

I'll be reading from now on.

Alison said...

Japan is at the top of my travel wish-list. Jealous. I posted photos of the Margiela exhibit on my blog.
Just started it recently and I'd love any feedback...

kiara said...

oh nipponland! i've been there once and i fell so hard in love with the culture and people and really everything there! you are such a lucky girl (:

Stephanie said...

yeah, i still can't believe i'm going again!

eatinginbalance- thanks for your kind words!

alison- thanks for posting the margiela exhibit on your blog! i love the woven elastic jacket and button/mouth dress.

yuko said...

my favorite store:

have fun... soooo jealous!