Wednesday, April 15, 2009


yesterday i did a bit of window shopping after having lunch at a cafe on south granville. i've always loved 18karat and the modern/earthy mix of products they sell. they were having a bit of a sale, and i almost bought a throw blanket, mugs, and was seriously tempted by a big plant pot, but exited with empty hands. lucky for my wallet and self-imposed shopping ban. i checked out their website and discovered that they now sell online! they currently only ship to canada, but also sell their products at a few select retailers throughout the usa.

these planters are amazing- i was seriously tempted to buy the smallest version at $150. they have quite a lot of stunning (and expensive) pots and planters ranging from zink/stainless modern to carved rock cave-man rustic. all fabulous.

i love rocks and geodes and stuff, and they have a lot of different kinds of rocks and minerals for display purposes.

these are the mugs i wanted to get. kind of earthy but somehow felt modern. i'm going to see if i can find something similar in japan so they feel a bit more personal.

they always have a great selection of beautiful knit blankets. when i was there yesterday a few of them were on sale (60% off!) but a beautiful throw is something that i am not allowed to buy right now.

this is a shot of the back of the store. talk about urban dream garden. we bought two massive black rectangular planters for our patio this weekend (not from 18karat), and i'm currently trying to decide what kind of plants to get for them, and plan the rest of our balcony. i kind of think beautiful containers are worth their price tag. they're like shoes to an outfit.

New Planter

i recieved my sara paloma pottery last week. it was packaged so well! i was a bit worried that the tops would break, but all seven arrived safe and sound. here's a picture of them in our kitchen. sorry it's a close-up, i don't want to show the shelf below! i have to figure out what to do with that one now. currently there is a mish mash of crap on it (candles, christian lacroix evian bottle, iron crow, 2 cook books, jar of mustard, etc)

sara paloma pottery


judy aldridge said...

I was looking at a set of 60's mugs similar to those you posted this summer. I passed, and still regret it! How long are you going to be in Tokyo?

Stephanie said...

Hi Judy- The glaze is similar to a set my mother has (I think from the 70s), but the shape on these (and I'm hoping a Japanese set) is more modern. I will be on the hunt for a vintage set here! I'll be in Tokyo for just 10 days this time (I was there for 3 weeks in October)

KATLIN said...

So amazing. I love those planters!

mavric said...

all the pots and nic nacks look great. love buying all this stuff and never know where to put it, which is the sad part.. but definatly love the last shot, the vases are lovely.

Life With Dogs said...

Those planters are brilliant, what a find!

The Storialist said...

What a fun blog! I love that shop (I'm also a Vancouverite).

The geode is lovely.

Emily said...

those top planters are fantastic. i know i will be thinking about them all day. love, love, love.

xo - Emily

hiromix said...

wow i love your blog!
and the white and grey colours of the vases and the other items are so serene... *dream*

andrea said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to knit blankets for our home this winter!

thecraftbegins said...

Granville, in Vancouver?

Why on earth can't you get one of those gorgeous throws?

And I agree with the planters.

BCN said...

really great finds. may I ask where you got your planter boxes? I'm having such a time trying to find some. thanks!

Stephanie said...

Hello BCN, I got these from GardenWorks a few years ago. I'm not sure if they still have similar ones, but they usually have a pretty good planter box selection in the spring and summer :)

BCN said...

thank you so much! really thoughtful & beautiful posts.