Monday, March 2, 2009


ok, so i've been looking for the perfect pair of black trousers for a looong time and i need some help! here are some inspiration pictures. so what i am looking for is a pair of black trousers with pleats, slightly tapered leg, ankle length. they can have a cuff or not, but preferably not because i am short. fabric-wise no cotton. lightweight wool or wool blends, linen blends, etc. basic black, no pinstripes, etc.

Pleated Black Trousers 2
Pleated Black Trousers 5
also, what are those shoes? i've been trying to figure it out... alaia? topshop?

Pleated Black Trousers 3

Pleated Black Trousers 1

Pleated Black Trousers 4

Pleated Black Trousers 6

there was a great pair from acne in the fall, but i waited too long and now they're gone, replaced with a cotton version (no)

these look too big in the thigh, too long and the fabric looks too crunchy/shiny.

these look ok, but hello, i don't have $650 to spend on a single pair of pants unless they are the most amazing pair of pants ever made.

sooo... keep your eyes open for me! i am running out of places to look!


-h of candid cool said...

i esp. like the 1st and 2nd pair. I'm on Zara's website now, under the Trend section, they have: one in in the nudes section, so it would probably come in black.
(now that im looking they have some Ann D-esque shoes)

erin said...

hmmm... are you against scouring thrift stores? I got a great pair at Value Village in Richmond last fall, but it definitely took a while to find a pair that fit well.

thesearchforchic said...

Aww... I have been on the hunt forever to a pair exactly like that.. I don't think I will ever find it though being so short and all.. I will let you know if I see anything. ;)

And those shoes are Zara!

Stephanie said...

-h: me too! they are perfect! thanks, i will check my local zara tomorrow. i haven't been in ages.

erin: i always end up disappointed with thrift stores in the long run. i used to be such a huge thrifter, but now not so much anymore.

tsfc: thanks for the shoe id! i knew i had seen them somewhere before! ;)

Yayer said...

I have a pair of cropped (but long on my 5'1" frame) pants from Club Monaco from last year. I took them to the tailor to taper them. I didn't mind because they were on the sale rack for $29.

As someone who is short I cannot live life without a good tailor. And I always add about $15 to the price of every pant I buy b/c most likely I will tailor them.

I would have never guessed you were shorter...You seem tall to me but then does everyone! Haha.

There is no Zara near me, I'll have to trek to the OC.

= MARIA said...

Got 2 black & one grey.


abchao said...

The Alexander McQueen for Target line has a pair of black cropped pants that look great, and it debuts in two days!

See here:

minirobot said...

opening ceremony:

thesearchforchic said...

How about these:

they are from Opening Ceremony and are linen.

Yayer said...

They just posted a post on whowhatweardaily about tapered trousers and supposedly h&m has a pair for $40US. The Phillip Lim ones look awesome but are $450. I'm a sucker for Phillip so I might need to get his...

Stephanie said...

thanks everyone for your help! i am checking them all out now!

Miranda Sam said...

I went thrifting a while back at Value Village and there are a whole bunch of slightly high waisted tapered pants for cheap cheap. You might not find the exact pair of black ankle length perfectly tailored pants, but you can always alter.

wendylee said...

I've been looking for the same type of pants and am also bummed I missed the Acne ones! I tried on a pair at Comptoir des Cottoniers that would have been great, but they didn't fit me. European stores/brands seem to a lot of this style...

Also, hi! I've been reading your blog for a little while but this is my first comment. Love your style :)

Brook and Lyn said...

ditto...$650...even before the recession that is only reserved for bags if anything. pants? no way.

my google account is old.

-h said...

i found some on, they only catch is they're cotton. here and here