Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ebay find: suede margiela tabi heels

hello. SUEDE! that deserves caps on my no-caps-allowed blog. and GREY! more caps. too bad i'm on a shopping ban and they're not my size. size 37, new in box.

i will have a pair of margiela tabi "something" in my life one day. (preferably the boot)

bid on them: opening bid $329


KATLIN said...

Is it just me or are they kinda lavender, too? YUM! :)

erica said...

oh gorgeous! too bad they're 2 sizes too small for me. ugh.

What's On The Outside... said...

OMG these are the perfect heel.

PS - love your blog!

Inside Mode said...

Those margiela pumps are just heaven. I normally don't like suede shoes, but I'd go for those any day.

miss sophie said...

oh these are so lovely! the closest to the ever-elusive beige suede apc pumps that are so often featured on totokaelo! half size too big for me, so i can avoid breaking my shopping ban ;)

Alison said...

Hmmm, a fiscally sound use for my tax return? Perhaps not. I agree that holding out for the boots is a good idea. I was in Antwerp last fall and saw the Margiela exhibit at MoMu. I felt like my chest was going to collapse from the wonder. There was a display on the evolution of the Tabi. I had to sit down.
Great blog! How many people in Vancouver do you think have Tabis?

Stephanie said...

katlin- hmm, i think you're right. might be different on different screens. yoox has some of the more recent boots in coloured suede- in strange colours like lavander, mint, ice blue, etc. i was tempted!

erica- yes, too bad, right! not what your credit card is probably saying though!

woto- thanks!

insidemode- i looove suede even though it is completely impractical for a rainy city.

misssophie- yes, those elusive apc suede heels! i think they should stop using them in pictures so i can stop thinking about them!

alison- haha, yes, i am crossing my fingers hoping that something magical happens with my accountant and my taxes. wow- i would have loved to see that exhibit! sounds amazing! i don't think i've seen anyone with margiela tabis here.

Alison said...

Neither have I! Yes, it was amazing. I'm going to post some pictures on my blog this week - I'll try to remember to drop you a note when I do.