Wednesday, March 4, 2009


(image of gareth pugh jacket from jak and jil)

thanks to gnarlitude, i thoroughly enjoyed these videos- gareth pugh fall 09 film and interview via showstudio.

i completely agree with what he says in his interview about wanting another medium of showcasing his clothes. i think films are a great way to extend the vision of ones work in fashion, just the same as retail environments do. i love visiting designers' flagships to see the interpretation of their label through an interior space. you have greater control over how things are viewed- everything down to how things are hung/displayed, music, colour, dressing rooms, smells, bags and packaging, etc. after working in retail for so long (in my humbly short lifetime) and being a designer myself, i can see the desire for ones work to be showcased in a way fit of their vision. i would imagine if i ever had my own collection, i would be extremely select about what boutiques carry it and how it was displayed. everything matters in creating a mood. some of my favorite retail spaces i have personally visited are richard kidd (rip), komakino version 2.0 (rip), raf simons (tokyo), diet butcher (tokyo), ann demeulemeester (tokyo) - actually a lot of stores in tokyo (so many interesting retail spaces), mandula (vancouver), rick owens (paris), and l'eclaireur (paris) so beautiful and intimidating i couldn't even bear to enter.

back to the videos- i was completely mesmerized. the music at the beginning (0:19 and 0:58) is reminiscent of kabuki, non? the sticks banging together? (haha- obviously didn't learn a lot about traditional japanese music on my trip) then it goes into some cult-like chanting? i love the movements of the model and the visual effects of the curling smoke- reminds me of dropping dye into clear water- how the colour curls and bleeds.

i'm thoroughly inspired and now i want to quit my job and just create amazing things that come from my head. why can't i do that. i am also feeling the urge to shave part of my head... i will feel the wrath of the boyfriend in the morning after he reads this!

i think i'm going to go watch the video again.


-h said...

i just watched the video too and looked at the collection on it's darkly elegant and black...naturally i love it.

im so surprised that pugh has quickly become one of my favorites. and to think it all started from falling in obsession from one of his dresses via polyvore.

im such a store planning nerd, that i love to see how stores are set up. i used to check retail spaces on WGSN all the time.

ps. his men's collection is being sold in women's sizes

simplyolive said...

thanks for the show studio link...the video is amazing!

i agree on the store thing...
it can be such an experience.