Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i can't remember how i found this, but it made me chuckle this morning.

"Urban Camouflage deals with the question how to camouflage oneself and one’s
identity in the urban space. Our costumes are inspired by the «ghillie suits», the
military camouflage suit. It was an adventure to wear the suit in the stores
because of the conflicts with the employees , the reaction of the customers and
also to see the pretty well camouflage effect in a real situation."

looks like fun!

speaking of camouflage, i am making a prediction:

(garance dore)


-h of candid cool said...

oh my goodness!! that is funny!! and a little bit scary.

i'm nervous about this camou thing, not everyone will wear it 1/2 as well as paris vogue.

Yayer said...

I have always had a thing for camouflage...I remember thinking I was I've had this camo m65 jacket that I bought for a $1 sitting in the back of my closet. I dusted it off recently thinking that the general public is not wearing camo so I can recycle it back into my wardrobe.... well...if you don't include the marines that drive by in military Humvees on the Interstate.