Friday, March 13, 2009


ugh. this week has been so busy with work. i'm trying not to get stressed out and just roll with it. i was up until 2am last night working. yuck. i'm so behind on paris fashion week.

this post from desire to inspire is amazing. a highlight of some of the amazing spaces by paris architectural firm joseph dirand.

Joseph DirandJoseph Dirand

Joseph DirandJoseph Dirand

that is all. nothing exciting happening here. hopefully i will get to some of my diy projects next week after things slow down a (tiny) bit.


-h said...

i wish i could live in any one of these spaces...

Vintage Tea said...

i love the huge mirror

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simplyolive said...

i want to live there!

Stephanie said...

-h: yes! i would take any one of them!

vintage tea: me too, i would love to have a big gilded frame like that

simplyolive: me too. i adore all that molding and black.