Wednesday, February 11, 2009

låt den rätte komma in

jon and i saw 'let the right one in' the other night. very interesting. i'm not a big movie 'connoisseur' but i can recognize when a movie is something more, something a bit special. the colours in this film struck me the most (ofcourse- always looking for appealing colour palettes), along with the story. creepy but sweet in a way, with some humour. it removes the overblown 'fantasy' from typical vampire stories (i'm looking at you van helsing) and gives the vampire (in this case, twelve year old eli) a believable human personality, struggling with the problems being a vampire entails, making the premise feel more real.


pigeon.toed said...

someone was just telling me to see this movie the other day! they are supposedly remaking this in the states.

Joanna Goddard said...

oooh i can't wait to see this!

Michelle Park said...

I fucking loved this movie. It was so much more emotional, touching and ultimately optimistic than I thought it could be.

P.S. This is likemy new fav blog! I can't believe I never found it before now!