Thursday, February 26, 2009



Purple detail

i just love this shade of purple mixed with black. notice that her sweater is the exact same shade as the dress. perfect. i really like the way the layers of the dress open up to reveal the (flat!) boots. i need a dress like this. (pics from


UNIFORM Studio said...

you could probably thrift a gauzy dress like this and a sweater, and then just dye them together to get the same shade (the sweater would have to be cotton though)

Stephanie said...

thanks martha! great idea on the dye. i will have to find a container large enough to do some bigger garments (and somewhere to stash it in our apartment!) somebody needs to make a large collapsible vat/bucket.

-h of candid cool said...

i think uniform makes a good point about finding something and then dyeing it to match.

what i especially like about purple is that it really pops against black. good pick from dropsnap, usu. im only inspired by the men. but i really covet her hair.

WendyB said...

I love purple.

lisa @ luxe said...



yui said...

i actually saw this woman yesterday as i was waiting for the train at omotesando! she sat right next to me and got off a few stops before mine. she'd switched the black jacket to a beige faux fur coat but the rest of the outfit was the same ( i think shes an editor for fruits mag?)

Stephanie said...

yui- how lucky are you to see her in person! i bet the beige faux fur was equally stunning with the purple dress.

-h said...

i happened upon another picture of her, on stylesightings.