Monday, February 9, 2009


santos had a play date this weekend with some fellow whippets and got a good run at the park. we found out she runs like a spazz. she was watching sprocket and cricket run around so hopefully she picked up some tips for next time!

Girls can have whiskers
she's looking like quite the goof in this picture!

well, the groundhog says winter's not over yet. time to figure out more ways to extend my winter wardrobe.

i can tell our mirror needs dusting now! not to mention all the nose prints on the bottom 1/3.

time to think about replacing that ginormous plastic kennel in the background! its become our new bedside table!

iro leather jacket
richard kidd drapey top
rick owens tank
junya watanabe skirt
h&m jersey leggings
vintage boots that i wish were ann demeulemeester triple lace-ups!


Erika said...

Santos = love.

-h of candid cool said...

love the arm zippers on the jacket

erica said...

sigh, i love your IRO jacket!

santos has the cutest little face. i know what you mean about the kennel turning into bedside table. our crib has turned into a catch-all bin for now, i can't help myself...

Brook and Lyn said...

I fully in love with your dog now.

Shay said...

Love the vibe of your look here. And your puppy is the cutest!!

GAIA said...

you look amazing.

lisa @ luxe said...

your puppy is soooo sweet!

i have a weimaraner and we put hiking shoes on him when we go to the mountains, he looks like a baby giraffe just learning to walk...funny & so cute!

Joanna Goddard said...

ha, she has the best face!

WhippetSnippets said...

Sweet Santos! We have a huge houseplant 'adorned' on Mirabel's kennel. Yep, you know when you're a dog person when...
- BTW, love love love your boots!

Stephanie said...


-h: the arms are so tight! if i have anything other than a light t-shirt i need them open!

erica: thanks, though the quality wasn't as great as i expected. haha-the crib is the perfect giant catch-all!

brook&lyn: she'll make you fall in love with her face and then kill you with her gas

shay- thanks!

gaia- thanks you're too sweet.

lisa@luxe- i saw some greyhounds with little boots on. they look so funny!

joanna- i think she looks like an opossum sometimes. one of her many nicknames is 'possum face.

whippetsnippets- our norfolk pine lost a few limbs because of her! hence its elevated status.

Little Whippet said...

Our 6 month old whippet Fly ran like a spazz when he was little too. Now he's almost grown up he's nearly graceful!

Queen Of Russia said...

wow. That outfit is perfect!