Friday, February 6, 2009


are you size 7.5 or 8? i found a ton of beautiful shoes on ebay if you have cash to spare.

ysl black patent tributes (want these soooo badly) current bid: $330

ysl black lace-up heels (sexy) current bid: $289

those balenciaga sandals. current bid: $400

ann demeulemeester lace-up sandals. bin for $268

also, the lovely and chic Prêt à Porter P has tagged me.

1.) Put logo on your blog or post;
2.) Nominate 10 blogs which you think are fabulous;
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Describe your personal style.
Umm... I don't know...casual drapey mixes of volume wearable avante garde dark nautical parisian japanese dreamer

What are the staples in your wardrobe?
denim, black and white t-shirts, black drapey jersey cardigan, jackets, slim bottoms, boots

What’s your signature look?
black and drapey? i don't think i have a signature look.

Who is your fashion muse?
i know it's cliche in the 'blogging world' but emmanuelle alt hands down. she does everything right, all the time, and makes me not afraid of aging.

Favourite purchase of all time?
ummm... hard to say. i can't pick one. probably a tie between the y's boots i got in tokyo and my rick owens drkshdw waxed denim jacket. both i had loved for a long time and thought i would never find again, but made it to me somehow.

Biggest splurge.
everything over $200 is a splurge. "biggest" splurge i guess would be my isabel marant handbag.

What’s your beauty routine?
lots of stuff. i fell in love with shu uemura's moisture products while in japan and found that it has helped my skin a lot, so i'm currently using those, a dermamed cleanser, and from time to time i use dr. hauschka steam bath and clay mask. i want to find some 'preventative' anti-aging products though.

What jewelry do you never take off?
i don't wear jewelry at home. my 3 pieces i always wear (but not all at once- only one at a time) are my skull necklace from jon, my bird skull necklace, and the thorn earrings my mom got me for xmas.

What are you wishing for?
a lot of things. especially a new handbag. i always start to save and then other things come up. tied with the ann demeulemeester boots on my column to the left. i was 'thisclose' to bidding on a pair on ebay but they ended at $1500 :(

What are your obsessions?
shoes, rick owens, those damn demeulemeester boots and this spring's sandals.

i have to tag 10 people?! i'm following -h's example and tagging 5: thesearchforchic, thenewblack, elenita, misocrafty, minirobot

i will have to notify you tomorrow because i'm tired and have to wake up early for a knitting class tomorrow! yippie! i can't wait to learn new stitches.


Chloe said...

Hi, not sure of your size but there is a pair of the Ann D boots on ebay for buy it now $800. Just in case you haven't seen them and they are your size!?


-h of candid cool said...

knitting class, sounds fun!
emmanuelle alt is amazing

Top bird said...

Fab post, and thanks for the links to those five cool blogs! xx

Le Bouton said...

choosing emmanuelle alt because she makes you not afraid to age. YES!!!
she looks like she lives.

dorban said...

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Brook and Lyn said...

Cash to spare...interesting thought.

Stephanie said...

chloe- thanks! i had those on my watch list but i just can't afford them right now. :(

-h: yes! i love knitting with chunky yarn because you get results so quickly

lebouton: yes! i also like that she isn't afraid to wear things twice or three times, etc. she WEARS HER clothes- they are a working wardrobe not just 'costumes'

brook&lyn: haha, i know right. i wish i had some.

burnthesebones said...

i feel you on the shoe lust..i haven't bought anything in months in order to save for those Ann D sandals..will definitely make a celebratory post when i get them!