Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i've been thinking more about things to add to my wardrobe to make it work better. over the past few weeks i've had a few business trips, dinners, and realized that i am missing a few things.

i like this acne dress (from la garconne) it has short sleeves, which is more suited to springtime in vancouver (not warm enough for sleeveless or straps)

i also like this rachel comey cut-out sweater.

this vanessa bruno skirt is exactly the kind of skirt i am looking for, but at $459 (and that's on sale at 30% off!) it's a bit much. it sure is pretty though.


santos is doing better with house training. she even had an exciting outing yesterday, going to work with jon in the afternoon and playing with another puppy there. she even got so comfortable as to claim the other dog's crate and toys. it was nice to hear she wasn't a pushover, as we were getting worried that she was acting too scared around other dogs.

also, i got tagged by k.b. of my polychrome life

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1. i love natural history and ancient civilizations. not quite sure what made me end up studying fashion! i have a secret desire to go back to school and become a paleontologist or something.

2. i never thought i would love japan as much as i did. i thought it would be great to shop there and to sight see, but i never thought i would want to move there. i really want to live there at some point in my life. preferably soon. after i learn how to speak japanese...there are too many things i miss. food, stores, neighborhoods, bath products...

3. currently i'm listening to a lot of music from my youth. smashing pumpkins, nirvana, garbage, david bowie, the beatles, the cardigans, etc.

4. i hate driving. i love massive, effective, public transportation. paris, london, tokyo... love the metro in these cities. so easy to get anywhere you want and no driving.

5. i love folding things. blame it on working retail. nothing gives me greater satisfaction than a stack of perfectly folded t-shirts. i'm a self-aware shopper. if i pick up and unfold something i fold it back up properly... usually.

6. i have a secret love of playing video games. jon and i have a wii and a ps3, and i have to say i love the ps3. but sometimes video games give me a headache. i got this ninja game (ninja gaiden) and it was fun until i got stuck at one part and i can't figure out how to beat it (even with online guides- ok, now i've confessed my complete dorkyness) it gives me a migraine every time i try to play it.

7. sometimes i won't wear socks all day.

i tag judy from atlantis home, fashion pariah, martha from uniform studio, whippet snippets, erica of a history of architecture, brook & lyn, and my boyfriend jon because i know he won't do it.


judy aldridge said...

Oh---I have a puppy too. I like your wardrobe choices muy mucho!! best judy

KATLIN said...

Oooh, me likey the cutout sweater! And I'm not a fan of driving either, I rely on friends and public transportation. We only have a bus system and some sort of transit system is currently in the works, I'm just praying that it's successful because they're taking forever to figure it out!

-h of candid cool said...

it's so cute that you outed yourself about the video games. ;)

i have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE that acne dress. I just think it's perfect. I would definitely go for it.

kenneth cole has a cutout sleeve sweater, but more drapey.

PUG and PIPS said...

great acne dress. Just came across your blog have really enjoyed reading it.

I have a random question...I'm new to Vancouver (originally from Australia) and have been trying to track down some decent designer Boutiques but I've had no luck! Can you recommend anywhere?

Thanks, Laura x

pigeon.toed said...

rachel comey always never fails to jump start my heart! those cut out sleeves! i think that's a running theme throughout her spring line!

Melissa said...

I've been meaning to comment, but Santos is sooo freakin' cute!! Glad that things are going well with her. I would be so scared to have a new puppy in the house...I wouldn't know what to do!

erica said...

that vb skirt has such pretty details, but a double yikes to the price.

i can definitely see you wearing the rachel comey. lots of great things at la garconne lately, i wish i could spend an afternoon trying everything on.

Stephanie said...

judy: thanks! i always like seeing pictures of you and your dogs! i think- wow, she has three, i should definitely be able to handle my one!

katlin: we have another rapid transit line being completed right outside my building that will go from downtown right to the airport, which will be very convenient!

-h: yeah, the video game thing is kind of embarrassing. the more i look at that dress, the more i want it! i'm thinking a purchase is in order!

pugs: welcome to vancouver! i'm sending you an email with my shopping guide to vancouver ;)

pigeon.toed: yeah, i really like some of her spring collection. i kinda wish they didn't have lurex in them, but the shape is hard to resist.

melissa: thanks! dude, i think a puppy is easier to handle than a little miniature human!

erica: i know. i wish it was half that! they always kill it with their selection. it makes my credit card quiver!

Michelle said...

Oh sweet puppy, I have the opposite issue with mine, she is a bully.

minirobot said...

love the acne dress -it's cheaper at creatures of comfort. on sale even.

Whippet Good said...

Love the new pic of Santos. Soooo adorable. Did you know that her littermate (formerly known as Squeeks) has a blog?

Brook and Lyn said...

Your puppy has the cutest pink paws...I love to watch my two dogs sleep. They are always having dreams..sometimes wagging their tail, barking, swimming in their sleep. So precious. Back to clothes I saw that rachel comey cut-out sweater at a's made very delicately super thin. I thought it took away from the shape a bit but perhaps it looks fantastic on. As for playing video games...I'm old and can't keep up with the new games. I however just downloaded all the old super marios on my wii which is the most I can do. But you are right they give me headaches...but that's probably from starring at the TV and holding my controllers for dear life for hours.

p.s.-can you open your comment box to other bloggers outside of google? My google account is very old. Thanks.

She's Dressing Up said...

Im so bad at folding clothes, i need teaching!
I love the Acne dress!

Stephanie said...

michelle- what breed is your puppy? she sure is cute! i also love the triangle print that is on her pillow/bed. where is it from?

minirobot- thanks for the heads up!! i got it ;)

whippitgood- no way! that's so cool. thanks for letting me know. she was a real sweetie- so hard to choose when they're all sitting there looking so cute!

brook&lyn- santos has dreams/nightmares too. i was so worried at first! she was really shaking and twitching violently! must have been quite the dream. about video games- i basically get all the new video game news from my boyfriend jon.
i'll test opening my comments. i just had some problems before with stupid people posting nasty things or spamming.

-h of candid cool said...

hey just wanted to say i tagged you :)

I wanna be your blog said...

I love your blog and the skirt on this post!!!



TheMinx said...

Your dog is so beautiful! and I love that skirt- although I agree, it's verrry expensive.