Monday, February 23, 2009


interior decor has been on my mind since we finally were able to get rid of a piece of furniture on craigslist that was majorly crowding our space.

A nice room
love the painting in this picture. i can paint dots!

i think i have figure out our lighting situation for the living room. by figured out i mean figured out what lighting to buy when we eventually have the money.

Jielde light
for behind/over the sofa. a jielde floor lamp in white.

Noguchi UF3-Q
for beside the tv in the corner. noguchi uf3-a light.

i'm seriously in love with both of these lights.

some more black and white things i like:

Pigeon Light
ed carpenter pigeon light

rENs Kopje Kopje
rens head cup.

ok, so i don't know what i would do with this, besides give it hugs, but i love it! large wooly sheep from haans peter krafft


Anna at D16 said...

Haha, I have totally been thinking about knocking off that painting in the first photo!

KATLIN said...

I'd probably want to sit/lie on that sheep while I watch TV.

-h of candid cool said...

there's something so sweet about sheep. i have one of those serta mattress sheep ontop of my tv.

i like the dot painting. have you found a place for those inkblots you did?

im going to email you an interior space picture, i think you might like it.

-h of candid cool said...

-ps. that head cup is pretty creepy... reminds me of the ring.

DUSKIN said...

i love the nguchi light, but after i looked at it a few times it resembled the kkk....kind of scary...

tokyobanhbao said...

the pigeon light is great and the dot painting too! im feeling inspired! thanks!;-)

Stephanie said...

anna- so easy right! thanks for posting that pic on flickr!

katlin- good idea!

-h: i love sheep. real ones that is. i wish i could have one. i would make all sorts of stuff from their fleece and then i would slowly morph into one of those old hippy ladies.

something kind of unfortunate happened to the inkblots, so i have to make them over again. i'm thinking of just making one giant one though.

yes, the cup is so creepy! i don't (can't) watch scary movies so i don't get the ring reference! scary movies give me anxiety and nightmares.

duskin- ak! now i can't get it out of my head! i actually don't really like that view of the light. its in the current (last) issue of domino at a side profile it looks just grand.

tokyo- thank you! the pigeon light is so adorable. maybe it can be my bedside light/night light.

Matilda och Louise said...

oh that pigeon is just fantastic!