Saturday, February 21, 2009


it's been pleasantly bright her the past week. but still cold, except for yesterday.

Sunny but Cold

cold enough for the giant cowl, but sunny enough for sunglasses.

Nestle lesson 1

trying to teach santos how to burrow. i've heard whippets like to burrow, but she doesn't, which often leaves her with cold ears and toes.


-h of candid cool said...

very cool shades, and very cool cowl.
did you get your hair cut?

your dog is too cute. everytime i see that picture it reminds me of the Snuggie.

Natalya said...

Oh she's like a little baby! That's so sweet.

WendyB said...

Aw, look at the puppy! I didn't know that whippets were burrowers. Makes sense! They're so thin they must get chilled easily.

erica said...

the cowl is really great! santos could learn a thing or two from my cats about burrowing. poor thing, she needs a knit cap...

Stephanie said...

-h: thanks! nope, no haircut yet. i think i found a way to work with my long mess of curls, so i might just get a healthy trim and deep condition.

haha- snuggie! i should make her one.

natalya- she slept completely covered in the blanket like a little cocoon.

wendyb- yes, her nose gets cold too! a cold wet nose is no fun.

erica- thanks! it's so huge- sometimes hard to wear. what santos really needs is a knit nose warmer! maybe a dog balaclava is in order.

WhippetSnippets said...

Stephanie, is Santos' blanket from IKEA? If so, Ribsy & Mirabel have three of them!

Stephanie said...

yes it is!! do ribsy and mirabel burrow?