Thursday, February 19, 2009


sigh. i missed out on the 37.5 while emailing back and forth between the people at mona moore. at first the website said they were pre-order only and sold out, but in the emails they said they had them. i didn't realize that they put them live on the site just then, because the morning after they were sold out and i missed them. fuck.

they're going fast, so if you're a 36 or a 39.5 better hurry. and they're cheaper than buying them from the us. how is that possible? we will be together some day, demeulemeester sandal.

ps- i seriously cannot get behind this 'creeper' trend that some fashion bloggers are wearing/raving about. seriously. i'm embarrassed to say i wore them when i was younger.


escritora said...

I’ve nominated you to Kreativ Blogger Award. Check my blog for details:)

UNIFORM Studio said...

I am so glad I'm not a 36 or 39.5 because there is no way I could justify spending that much money right now.
gah -I love these boots.

Stephanie said...

escritora- thanks! that's so nice of you.

uniformstudio- i know. i can't justify it either, other than the fact that they are absolutely amazing, i need to have them, and i will spend the next few months paying for them!

anne said... and don't have yr size right now but keep ckg them. also stay in touch with mona moore. also you might telephone browns. they aren't on browns' website but I know they have them at retail. I haven't seen them on farfetch or luisaviaroma but keep ckg. the non-USD prices will be better. saks just raised their price from $825 to $925 on this shoe. I was "lucky" to get them there at $825. shoe love is a heartbreak. gl. there is also always ebay hope--many triple laces did eventualy come up there, tho not yr plum high-heel triples. :(

Philippa Snow said...

I had some too. They were leopardprint. PINK leopardprint. 'nuff said, really.

Stephanie said...

anne- thanks, i'll keep my eyes open. i was really hoping to get them from mona moore since they're already in canada (no duties, customs, etc)

philippa- mine were white leather with black sole. and they hurt like a motherfucker. rubbed on the bottom of my ankles so hard.

thesearchforchic said...

Yuck, creepers.

Those sandals are so beautiful, I saw them at Liberty here obviously NOT in my size... I hope you manage to find them.