Thursday, January 29, 2009


my hair likes to play tricks on me. some days it behaves and looks ok. its like it knows i want to cut it. i think it looked ok today and yesterday...

goodbye vegas

so what should i do? help!

i finally got to wear my cropped jeans i got in tokyo today because its the warmest its been since we got back. btw, the slippers the hotel has provided are so comfortable.

james perse tee
bird skull necklace
y's yamamoto blazer
lowrys farm jeans (from oioi young)
vintage belt
repetto flats


DUSKIN said...

cut it. go for different.

-h of candid cool said...

i was about to ask about the slippers. they do look quite comfy.

i wish i could be of help with the hair dilemma! but my hair is mutinying against me. 2 more months, and i'll be getting it cut!

erica said...

i like it long, but i don't know how it behaves on a daily basis, maybe short would be a good idea.

do you put it up often? that's the one thing that drives me nuts about really short hair. sometimes i just have to have it off my face, and headbands, clips, etc., just aren't enough.

when it's too dry out, my hair misbehaves. but i can't just move to please my hair, can i?

K.B. said...

a bob of some sort would be very cool!

P.S. I have tagged you on my blog if you get a chance!

WendyB said...

Hair always behaves when it knows it is about to be cut. Don't be fooled. Cut it anyway.

Le Bouton said...

i think a worldwide haircut date should be decided upon, and everyone whose current hair is making them nuts should cut it off and post results! i'll do it!

madeline said...

Keep it long. trust me. I've had both. Short hair is for women who have had kids and think they need to be "grown up". Long hair can go up, stay down, braid, sloppy French bun - short is one way all the time. You have great hair.

Can't believe I posted but I follow your blog and like your style. Long hair is NOT unstylish.


E. said...

I have found this hair cut for you. Let's see if you will like it:

josephine said...

chop! chop! CHOP! :)

i had a similar dilemma about a month ago, i eventually caved on a weak day and i swear i walked out of the salon thinking to myself - "why in the hell didn't i do this sooner?!" you will feel great, do it! :)

She's Dressing Up said...

I love the jeans!
oooh hair decisions... I say do something drastic, I never see the point of a too subtle hairstyle change, may as well go for something new and exciting =D

fleur_delicious said...

I only WISH my hair made beautiful tumbly curls at the bottom like this. I think it's lovely.

I'm a short hair gal (bobs and pixies) growing mine out right now as a memorial/donation project. It's weird having long hair again, and sometimes irritating, but sometimes I think I might keep it long again.

In order to avoid breakage, I try to keep mixing it up (I rarely actually just wear it down as it tangles something fierce!): high ponytails, pig tails, making some little braids just behind my ears and wrapping them over the top of my head like a headband, curvy french braids that end in a curly braidy-bun, putting it up in a bun, putting it up in a twist with a clip, etc.

it keeps me from going crazy and cutting it off, at least.

Stephanie said...

ahhhh i can't decide! i need to play with one of those virtual makeover things...

-h: i wish it took them with me!

erica: i usually have mine up, because i'm lazy. so if i did cut it it would still have to be long enough for a ponytail/bun.

k.b.: i'm thinking something bob-like to. maybe a long bob. not sure yet ;) thanks for tagging me!

wendyb: i know, its so sneaky.

lebouton: agreed!

madeline: i know- maybe i just need to find a good product to make it behave.

e: a little too ...something... thanks for the suggestion though! honestly, i don't think i could ever go that short.

josephine: your hair looks great! nice haircut :)

she'sdressingup: i know.. all or nothing, right?!

fleur: i know, i go back and forth. i spent so much time growing it out from a bob a few years ago and now i want to go back!!