Thursday, January 15, 2009

runner project

the other night when i was trying to get to sleep, my mind wandered, as it usually does. i wanted to buy a felt runner for our table, but then i got this idea to use some grey wool scraps i had squirreled away and piece them together in a linear fashion to make a runner. i got out of bed in the dark, found my sketchbook and sketched the idea. in the dark. so i wouldn't forget.

yesterday i cut up all the pieces and laid them out like a puzzle.
Wool Runner In Progress

today i sewed them together and here is the result.
Wool Runner

Wool Runner Detail

Wool Runner
i am becoming more comfortable with the mustard tinted concrete floors. if i think of mustard in terms of a colour palette (say, mustard, grey, white) it sounds a lot better in my head. so i will just keep thinking that and try to keep with that palette for anything else we bring into the house.

here are some instructions if you want to make a scrap wool runner too.

1. find some scrap wool. you could buy some new, but it's not as fun.

2. determine the width at the center of the runner. it may be determined by the widest scrap you have available.

3. start cutting out horizontal scraps that more or less match up to each other. some of mine were triangular shaped, but i made sure there was a 'match' so that the runner was kept straight.

4. i slowly made my runner narrower at each end. mostly due to smaller and smaller scraps. you could cut them to all be the same width, but i kinda like the organic wonky shape i made.

5. lay out all your 'puzzle' pieces and start sewing them together wrong sides together, so that the seam is on the top of the runner. you can use a coloured thread and bobbin if you want, but i used white for a neutral look. also, i pinned a few of them together to take them to the sewing machine so they would stay matched up and in order.

6. once you have sewn all the pieces together, clip all your threads, and press the back side so that the runner will lay flat. use more steam and less pressure- you don't want to mangle or crush the seams on the other side.

i think i'm going to keep a little moleskin and pen beside the bed for future midnight ideas.


alice said...

What a fantiastic idea! It looks great.

Vintage Tea said...

Well done. It looks really stylish, like t cost you loads! x

Anna at D16 said...

Wow, that really looks gorgeous! I wish I had some thinner wool felt lying around -- everything I have is too thick.

And I love the mustard floors, too.

escritora said...

fantastic idea! and perfect sewing :)

KATLIN said...

Genius! And I'm new to your blog, so did you get your concrete mustard tinted? My mom is looking to put concrete floors in her house and a colored tint sounds really interesting!

Diane said...

HI! this is an awesome post- i'll be moving in the next few weeks and have been playing with home decor ideas. Your blog is very inspiring!

PS- hope it's ok, I recently blogged about you! Let me know if it's not and I'll definitely take it down.

Erica said...

It came out great. I've spent a fair bit of time obsessing about runners too...

nycartstyle said...

this is a great blog.

Jeana Sohn said...

wow simply amazing! it looks perfect with the modern table and chairs.

Stephanie said...

thanks everyone! it was a fun, quick project.

katlin- our floors came like this. i hated them at first (preferring plain, untinted concrete) but i'm warming up to them now, with the right palette.

diane- thanks! i'm very flattered!

aimee said...

wow i love it, its perfect

andrea said...

I am actually really jealous of the mustard on your floor!!

Plastolux said...

Love this! Just found your blog. Love the Table too