Thursday, January 8, 2009


hello! i haven't felt very bloggy lately. jon and i are trying to find a whippet with help from the lovely krista at whippet snippets (thanks for all the help!)

i haven't been very interested in shopping lately, except for home stuff. there is a sweater on ebay that is paining me because i want it, but i'd rather spend the $300 on wallpaper. ugh-priorities.

i will leave you with some pretty things i've been looking at over the last few weeks.

iittala lantern

iittala lanterns

louise campbell vases

louise campbell vases

salt and pepper cups

salt and pepper cups from horne

also, you should really check out emma's posts on her 'favorites' of 2008. (this lamp keep haunting me!)


pigeon.toed said...

these are great...especially that lamp. thanks for sharing!

seesaw designs said...

i love those louise campbell vases. a lot.

-h of candid cool said...

ou that candle latern! reminds me of dior homme for some reason.

also arent designer keychains, always ridiculously overpriced? ;)

Stephanie said...

pigeon.toed- love that lamp... too bad it's yet another light that is grossly out of my price range!

seesaw- me toooo... i want them :)

-h- i know... the lantern is so pretty but a nice simple form. haha- true.. designer keychains i guess are meant to be ridiculously overpriced. it's 40% off now and it's still ridiculously overpriced. bah.

erica said...

the salt and pepper cups are really great.

lucky you, can't wait to hear about the new whippet, i've always love them.

i'm semi tempted by the Acne webshop sale, but in general not much in the mood for shopping.

Stephanie said...

erica- i am beyond excited. i'm trying to contain myself and not look at dog beds/coats/food/brushes, etc until it's for sure and we find one.
i looked at the acne sale... i couldn't help it. there is one pair of trousers i wanted but they weren't on sale.

Roberta Jane said...

This is my first time at your blog - LOVE! Good luck on your whippet search - are you rescuing? My husband and I have an Italian Greyhound, so I've got a soft spot in my heart for sight hounds!