Saturday, January 3, 2009

the artist's way

dream bedroom
(elle decor- my ideal environment)

are you familiar with it? i've had this book for a long time and tried to work through it last year, but it never stuck. as in, i got through the first chapter and wrote like 4 days worth of morning pages before losing interest. i started up again with it about a month ago, trying to get some creative juices flowing and what not. i will try this before i try a therapist.

here are some quotes from week 4 that resonated with me

"shifts in taste and perception frequently accompany shifts in identity. one of the clearest signals that something healthy is afoot is the impulse to weed out, sort through, and discard old clothes, papers, and belongings."

about 'reading deprivation' a week-long self imposed ban on reading books, emails, tv, etc. (would include ye old feed reader for me) i can probably get away with this for one week this month, as a lot of my business can be conducted via skype. talking. yes, i shudder from the inside out.

"for most artists, words are like tiny tranquilizers. we have a daily quota of media chat that we swallow up. like greasy food, it clogs our system. too much and we feel, yes, fried."

so true- it felt so good to be without computer access while in japan for 3 weeks. i came back feeling so good- so light without all the heavy (sometimes) useless information weighing down my brain. some more food for thought- check out this post 'cutting through the design blog smog' by holly becker for real simple.

i need to work on 'artist dates' though. you're supposed to do one per week. it's like a little outing to feed your inner artist. like check out a gallery, buy some fun things at an art store, do something that you love doing but never do (bike-riding, painting,) etc. i've only done one and it's been 5 weeks.

if you work in a creative field, how do you get your creativity flowing if it's been blocked?


Shay said...

I'm not big into self help books, but you've certainly pulled out a couple good points. I think the best tonic for creativity is just to sit down and do it, and ignore whatever it is in your head that would rather be doing other things. It's not easy, no matter what techniques you try. Another good strategy is to start your project when you first get up, before other concerns have flooded your head, not just reading. Everything from a messy kitchen to a phone call from a loved one can mess up your creative space.

(melissa) life . style . dissected said...

i have been blocked since i got my masters in may. i think it was just too intense and my creativity has been pretty much shut down since then...arg.

will definitely pick up this book, it sounds like it could help!!


Naptress said...

Thanks for this post I have that book...and I have been in a creative funk for more than a minute now..I'm going to pull it out!!

Stephanie said...

shay- I am not the self-help-book type either, but a couple of my friends from school worked through this book one summer and recommended it. it's at least helped me to realize some of the fun things i used to do but don't do now. i get way too distracted and i also like to talk myself out of doing things... i agree with doing things when you first get up and avoiding everything else!

melissa- i felt that way too (and still do) after i got my degree. i felt like it sucked all the creativity out of me! good luck. let me know if you find any good tips or techniques.

maptress- pull it out and at try your best!

KATLIN said...

Love the bareness and contrasts in that room. My room currently has nothing on it's white walls and is pretty bare for the most part... my friend teases me and says it looks like I just moved in. I don't like hanging things on the walls though just because I'm indecisive and am worried about screwing it up. Haha. And I get my creative juices flowing best when I'm by myself and letting my mind wander. I can't have people around me because then I start to worry too much about them. I can be walking, in the library, in my room.... just as long as I can think in peace.

viva b. said...

just found your it!

i'm doing the artist's way too. i'm starting week 3. this book is amazing, she has really tapped into the creative recovery process...i've noticed changes already.
if you want to have an artist's way partner, drop me a line.