Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i cannot believe what fucking luck i have sometimes. sorry for the profanity, but i was, and am, very very giddy about this find. i have loved this alexander mcqueen x samsonite black label roller bag since it arrived on earth, and today while strolling through the fashion show mall in vegas, i happened upon one at.... 70... %.... off. oh yes. it is mine. and i was just telling you how things i covet for a long time somehow end up in my wardrobe. here is the most recent example. i am a firm believer that if you wait long enough, love it enough, it will find its way to you.

the grand find

i felt such glee as i wheeled it out of the store. i was literally grinning like a big dork. i originally wanted black, but the brown is pretty nice too. a good change from my all black tendency.

do you want to know the other fucking crazy thing? i was talking to jon when i got back to my hotel and showed him what i got (we were video chatting on ichat) and he had ordered the exact same frigging bag for me today. tell me- what are the odds for that to happen?? what?? he is trying to see if he can cancel the order.

i also got a really rad waistcoat from zara, along with a skirt. pictures may come soon.

hello vegas. fake city in the desert.

my bright-ass hotel room. there is far too much peach in this room for my liking.

i don't know why i'm so sweary right now. apologies.


Amanda said...

wow that bag is amazing. congrats on finding it..pretty jealz

Yayer said...

sick bag. nothing beats finding something you lusted for on sale!

-h of candid cool said...

lucky gal! i saw these bags pop up on rue la la, but i travel once in a blue.

and i agree, sometimes you have to wait for the perfect item to find you. (also hide it from the dog once you get home!)

Stephanie said...

amanda- thanks!

yayer- yes, i think it was meant to be

-h: i think that might be from where he got it. it hasn't shipped yet, so hopefully he can cancel the order. yes!! i will definitely have to hide it from santos! she tried to pee on my bag when i was packing it the other day. sheesh.

WendyB said...

SO JEALOUS! I love those bags.

escritora said...

this roller bag is absolutely fantastic, you lucky girl :)

-h of candid cool said...

maybe wait and see, he could have ordered you the black one. i think they had the black and white one.

life . style . dissected said...

wow. you literally willed it to be!

the rib cage imprint is insane.

mmmm, am willing some gorge givenchy lace boots to me right now.

cheers to traveling home with new luggage.


Stephanie said...

-h: he ordered me the black, but i told him to cancel it anyway. i got the the brown one for cheaper, and i don't want him spending that much money on me!

fleur_delicious said...

recognized the bag immediately. I am a big fat fan of Alexander McQ. Years and years of my young life (28's still young, yeah?) Love it, seriously - brilliant score.

If you find one of those plaid-and-black-lace dresses from a few years back, snag one for me, eh? =) You know the ones I'm talking about, that highlands-themed fall show was sick, my favorite ever from him. *sigh* Oh McQueen. Such wonderful things. Someday, someday.

Seeing your LV hotel reminds me why I was so glad to flee Santa Barbara - it was this damned (now I'm swearing!) bright every day. The sunlight actually HURT on my skin, long before any sunburn was occurring. yikes.

okay, one last *sigh* over your luggage and I'm done. =)

Stephanie said...

fleur- ooh i love that dress too. stunning. you won't believe it- there is an alexander mcqueen store in this hotel! (the wynn) i just checked it out today. they had an amazing rodarte-esque knit sweater on sale (though still $900) and some super cool mcqueen/pumas, and some super super delicious leather jackets with shearling collars. i was so tempted to buy a skull scarf, because i've always wanted one. but i think i'm going to resist. i really need some other things in my wardrobe before a scarf.

i could never live in southern california. not only do i hate bright light, but i would burn to a crisp in a day! my skin is so pale that i'm sure people would stare at me like i was an alien.

pigeon.toed said...

HOLY F*CK!!! I love that bag!

i saw a girl at the airport once that had the white one, and i think i trailed (stalked?) her for a good 5 minutes.

i hope that's not creepy! :)

Stephanie said...

pigeon.toed- i love the white one too, but it would get filthy, and i would be so paranoid about getting it scuffed i wouldn't be able to enjoy using it. i'm guilty of style stalking people sometimes. or style spying. i was totally style spying on this girl in the airport with fabulous boots on, trying to figure out who made them. they looked like prada, but i have nothing to confirm that. i should have just been brave and asked her, but she kind of intimidated me with her fabulous outfit, me being thrown together in jeans and a t-shirt 5 seconds before i had to leave ;)

KATLIN said...

yeay on the bag! good things come with patience! i'm patiently waiting for a jil sander dress and/or heels! :)

Megan said...

i love that bag, everyone you pass in airports etc. will now be beyond envious. really awesome luck!

Andy said...

What a nice and bright room !
it seems that the bed is REALLY comfortable :)
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Helena said...

That was contagious. I feel like I have to want something so bad now so I can get it! Have you seen The Secret? I think you had it working for you very well to get two bags ;D

me melodia said...

very lucky lady!
I'm loving your blog.