Monday, January 26, 2009


i am writing to you from vegas. here for a trade show. my flight was delayed so i got into vegas quite late. i'm going to check out barneys tomorrow night after working the trade show. hoping for some sale merchandise. i am getting that shopping spree feeling- i have some big holes in my wardrobe that need filling. black trousers, silk or crinkly linen mini skirt (i may make this), suede ankle booties (i saw some amazing ones on this girl in the airport), a collarless jacket, a short circle skirt (i should just make this) and more tops... not to mention a new handbag... maybe i will do some gambling while i'm here... it couldn't hurt, right?

puppy update: little santos is not so timid anymore. in fact, she is being quite bratty. stealing things, peeing in her crate, biting. she is close to the teething age, so maybe she is trying to work out some pain/frustration.

the more and more i look at myself in the mirror or in photos the more i want a drastic haircut. i want to be done fighting with this long curly hair. it always just ends up looking sloppy, messy and unkept. i just never know what will look good with my face shape. i just wish a stylist would say: i know exactly what haircut would make you look best. but i haven't had that happen before.

i am thinking something like this maybe. since it will be shorter it will be much much much faster to make straight (i have a nice hot ceramic flat iron already)


and then i can also wear it curly (would not be as short as hers, but you get the picture)

i wish my hair was red sometimes. isn't it funny we always want something we do not have. so many people say 'oh i wish i had curly hair like you- mine is just thick and straight.' to that i say 'HAH! no you don't!' and i wish i had thick straight hair. maybe i can slowly start implanting jon's nice asian hair follicles into my scalp. there must be an expert village video for that diy...



Laura said...

i have never had a stylist tell me those magic words either. i also have never been able to figure out my face shape. i've been told that it's round, square and oval. i guess it's just "weird". in addition, my hair is wavy underneath and stick straight on top, which, if it grows too long = lumpy. sigh.

i did solve the always wanting red hair by coloring it. i have some Scots-Irish in me so it looks somewhat natural.

Santos is so beautiful! the puppy stage can be hard, but when they get older it's so worth it...

good luck in Vegas!

-h of candid cool said...

i wish i was in vegas.

it is funny that women are never happy with their hair

erica said...

that short curly hair is one of my favorites!

my stylist is pretty adamant about what does and doesn't work with my face and hair.

do you have any old photos of shorter haircuts? i'm having a hard time picturing you with short hair. i agree, long curly hair can be so difficult to take care of.

longer in the front, shorter in the back, should help take care of some of the tangles and hard work. the length and layering is the tricky part though.

pigeon.toed said...

all three of these ladies are amazing!

but my favorite would have to be the the last one. her hair and just her are so so striking!

-h of candid cool said...

what about giovanna. though i notice she tends to wear her hair blown straight.

lisa @ luxe said...

welcome to is so nice to have a Barney's in town now, even though it hardly compares to the NY store :) enjoy this beautiful weather we are having right now!

xoxo from vegas

Fashion Trix said...

I love the last pic, her skirt is adorable x]

trade links? I love ur blog.

Stephanie said...

laura- i had red hair once when i was younger, but the upkeep is horrendous!

-h: really? i'm not much of a fan of vegas. i love giovanna's hair. maybe i will go that length first before cutting it too short. i just need to find a good product. what do you use in your hair?

erica: i love that look on her. she has great bone structure in her face and beautiful skin. pulls it off so well.

dear lord- i remembered the last time i had short curly hair. grade 5. i looked like i could be an extra from house party. i had a perm and it was cut into a wedge bob shape. horrible horrible horrible! haha. i hope it will look less like that and more like fabulous... hopefully.

pigeon.toed: yes, taylor is so beautiful. her hair always looks fabulous.

lisa- thanks! i went there today and was disappointed. not only no sales, but nothing really that great.

fashion trix- i want to make that skirt of hers. i will check out your blog!

Yayer said...

you must be at SIA. a lot of friends went for the rider awards. i agree with you, vegas is ugh. my father in law lives there and i would only go visit if i had to go to magic for work. now we make him come visit us or meet in some other city.

i would love to cut my hair off. i always had shorter hair except within the last 5 years. i was the queen of bobs and all things short. i miss my vancouver hairdresser. she was perfect. she actually used to come to my appointments with photos and ideas she had before i would show up. it was nice because i saw her for over 15 years. now i am lost in socal without a hairdresser. not all asians have straight hair. i have a wavy mess of course thick hair. it's a disaster zone.

oh and barney's probably doesn't have anything good sales-wise because the warehouse sale starts next week in LA. nyc will be after LA ends. and i noticed that vegas barneys caters to a particular customer, it doesn't excite me as much as LA/SF/NY.

E. said...

You definitely should go for the short-cut: Longer in the front and shorter in the back. It is so cool and would suit your style perfectly.