Thursday, January 22, 2009


i have been amazing myself lately with the amount of restraint i've been having regards to the sales that are on now. i'm probably not helping the economy, but i am helping my credit card debt.

i am starting to think a bit about things i may need come spring. its hard not to when all the new spring stuff is showing up online. but i am also thinking of things that are season-less. as in weather and not 'fashion seasons'. or maybe both. but in the back of my mind, i know that every single time summer rolls around i am clueless about what to wear. at least there is plenty of time to figure that out between now and june.

for the now, i still need a nice waistcoat, which can be worn easily fall through winter and spring. black. slightly long- definitely not cropped or 'fitted' in any regard. i really really wish i bought this viridi-anne one i saw at komakino on sale, but it was before our trip to japan, so i thought i might find it there. nope. that always happens to me, but things that i covet for a long period of time often wind up in my wardrobe eventually. i will wait it out to see if i can find it again, or find another equally perfect waistcoat.

i really like this complex geometries dress from oak. i think its basically the same shape as the top i got from them in the summer, but dress length and wool jersey instead of cotton jersey. i realized i need more dresses in my wardrobe, and to figure out what shoes i can wear with dresses. it's often too easy to just throw on a pair of jeans.

i wouldn't mind having one of these as well. i won't lie- i would round off the point on the hood though.

i also need one or two 'fancy' tops. i am considering this one from k karl lagerfeld but i'm not sure if the ruffles are too ruffly or just ruffly enough. opinions?

also really trying not to buy these, and also trying to resist justifying pre-ordering the spring lace-up sandals
must resist..

i am also in desperate need of a hair cut. i think i want a big change. i just wish my hair wasn't so curly.

anyway, we bring home our new family member tonight, so be prepared for a lot of puppy talk.


-h of candid cool said...

"i am also in desperate need of a hair cut. i just wish my hair wasn't so curly." speak on sister!!! i hear ya!! ;)

as of last yr i feel like i finally getting the hang of summer dressing. 20 something years later....

i think that ruffly blouse is just the right amount to make it timeless. i love the sleeves too.

as for the boots, ive been looking thru all saints's website, they have a lot of ann d-esque pieces, from a fraction of the price.

and congrats on the new pup!!!

Lee Jones said...

the top dress is fantastic!

WendyB said...

Those shoes are hard to resist.

erica said...

the complex geometries dress is fantastic. i wish they had something larger than an x-small, but oh well for me!

i'm not a ruffles person, so i can't say either way on the lagerfeld top, but i've seen you pull off many an outfit i could never brave...

the shoes are gorgeous gorgeous, and completely wearable. but yikes, it's hard to look at that price nowadays.

Gnarlitude Jen said...


Stephanie said...

-h: i really like some of all saints stuff, i just wish the pound conversion wasn't so bad!

erica: i checked on their webstore but it doesn't look like they have the wool blend dress, unfortunately.
ugh, i know. even canadian $ to us $ is crap now.

jen: i reeeeeally want to...

xoxo said...

wowww! those shoes look like a mutation! loll
nice blog btw...