Monday, January 12, 2009


we had a little whippet meet-up over the weekend. through krista we found a couple in our area who have two whippets so jon could assess his allergies, and we could learn more about owning a city whippet. i forgot to bring my camera -ofcourse!- their two were so cute, i would have taken one home if they let me. luckily jon fared well, so it's a go! i'm going to have a pet! we are gong to have a pet i mean...ofcourse, like with all things i am about to acquire, i go into research mode.


apparently crate training might be a good idea- not for disciplinary purposes, but so the dog has his own little cave he can hang out in and sleep in at night- somewhere they feel safe. ofcourse this eicrate is the most aesthetically pleasing on the market. it's pricey, but our place is small and i don't want a big unsightly wire cage in the corner of the room. a big pretty wire cage is better, non? i'm just not sure if a whippet would fit? the company that makes the kennel also has a cover and interior bed you can buy, but i think i would improvise and use a vintage wool camp blanket on top, and sew a custom bed for inside with a nice durable fabric maybe in a cool print or just a simple linen...

in fashion news, i've been trying to resist blowing my entire budget and pre-ordering this ann d. tunic/shirt/vest... sigh.

Ann Demeulemeester S09


-h of candid cool said...

congrats on the pup. that cage looks pretty cool.

oh my...that ann d piece is just beautiful.

Roberta Jane said...

Hmmm... the dog in that picture looks a little freaked out - not the best selling point. My IG, Cleo, was also crate trained but once we got sick of having the crate around (because it's bulky and ugly) we put little soft beds all around the house for her and under the coffee table (her little fort)... this has worked perfect!

borellana said...

Thank you for posting this. We have a Boston and a dachshund/chihuahua mix and while their crates are nicely out of the way under our stairs, it is still in the living room and they are fug. I've been talking about buying nice fabric and making a sort of curtain that will cover their nook, but this looks like a less time intensive solution!

I can't recommend crate training enough.

Good luck on the pup. :)

Stephanie said...

-h: thanks! i love the beaded ones too- so stunning.

roberta- hah, i know, he looks scared out of his wits!

borellana- i bet this crate would be a perfect size. i think it might be too small for a whippet, and this is the only size they make :(