Tuesday, December 30, 2008

couch shopping

we almost bought a couch today. i blogged a while back about my dream sofa(s), having not sit on either. well since then i have sat, and loved even more. you can see below the jane (top) and carter (bottom). i prefer the jane because as i discovered you can actually flip the extended part to either side which is pretty cool. so if we move or want to switch things up we're not stuck with a left only or a right only sectional.

Gus Modern Jane
Gus Modern Carter

we're just not quite sure what to do yet... to buy or not to buy?


hello! last night we went to the nutcracker with my parents. i have never been to a ballet before. it was very cool. i went to an arts-based highschool so i have seen many dances before, but not ballet. we had pretty good seats and could see all the dancers sweat. i was getting tired just watching them! the tutus were amazing.

luckily it wasn't as cold out today, the snow is almost melted, so i could get away with a dress. my coat (faux fyi) was toasty enough to keep me warm all night. my boots definitely got a lot of stares- i love staring at them too!




coat- vintage
dress- vanessa bruno
tights- wolford (love em!)
boots- louboutin

also, i have a new blog on my list to the left- whippet snippets. i'm obsessed with their dogs.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


i hope everyone had a great holiday, whichever you celebrate (or don't). i got some great gifts this christmas, and couldn't resist doing a little shopping of my own. although i will be honest, i've been trying to resist all the sale action on now and stick to my 'list'. i almost succumbed to a black eres bikini on major sale at holts today, but seriously, i didn't even wear a bathing suit once last year. and i was reminded why trying on a bathing suit is so horribly terrifying. that light. those mirrors. ugh. i guess that money could go towards a gym membership instead of a bikini.

here's what i've been up to:

First NHL game in over 10 years
i went to a hockey game with my mom and brother. yes. my mom and brother are hockey freaks. my brother played on a junior team (and has friends in the nhl) until he decided to go to university. it was an interesting night. it kind of felt like a cultural experience. another culture.

Mostly unsuccessful ginger cookies
i tried to make ginger cookies. operative word being tried. it must have been the recipe, i swear. only about 8 were edible. i was trying to copy my favorite cookie at starbucks (the only reason i have for ever going there, as i don't drink coffee) but i was largely unsuccessful.

Still snowing!
its been snowing like crazy here over the holidays. i've lived in vancouver for 26 years and i've never seen it this bad (haha- jon) but seriously, i haven't seen this much snow here since i was little and my brother and i made snow tunnels for us and our dog.


Snowy forest
view out of jon's parents window on christmas day

Map close-up
in addition to my new camera (a combined birthday/christmas present) jon also got me this really great map of paris from the late 1800s. look ma! no eiffel tower!

New sunglasses
my mom got me these raybans that i've been wanting for forever.

New lense
new lense from my dad

Purple Polish
some purple polish from santa. from l to r: catherine the grape, lincoln park after dark, midnight in moscow. can't wait to get this on my nails.

And then there were three...
chocolate is always good.

Small Garden 1
a book to help me plan out the patio garden
Small Garden 2
Small Garden 3

Fragiles 1
lovely book on ceramics and porcelain
Fragiles 2
Fragiles 3
Fragiles 4

Monday, December 22, 2008


lately i've been getting interested in adding things to my wardrobe other than clothing (and shoes). namely lingerie and jewelry. i discovered journelle tonight. seriously. i want one of everything. i think a good outfit can feel so much better with something pretty underneath.

elle macpherson $130

bodas $121

chantelle $105

guia la bruna $251

fleur t $122

fleur t $98

3 east 17th street
new york, ny

Friday, December 19, 2008



sigh, this feather ruff is so amazing. i'm not quite that bold, but i'd like to make something with feather trim. i was thinking a demeulemeester-esque vest perhaps?


now if only the crows would land closer to my window...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snow day

Snowmen don't need mouths

it snowed 10cm today. i wish we had a prettier view, so i made some little snowmen to look at through the window. twigs for arms and noses, yarn scarves, and pepper kernels or buttons for eyes. i wish i had a toboggan.

Monday, December 15, 2008

more japan pics

i finally finished uploading all my japan pictures to flickr, so please check them out if you want!

Adventure World Shirahama
me getting attacked by some sort of goat-gazelle thing at adventure world in shirahama

vip moss at a garden in kyoto. i really wanted to steal this moss display, it was so pretty.

Noboribetsu- Hell Valley
hell valley, right outside our onsen in noboribetsu (hokkaido) so beautiful but so stinky.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

first snow!

it finally snowed! i like winter, but this is about as cold as i can handle, and it's (only) 0 to -2 celsius. haha, i know, i'm a wussy west-coaster. other parts of the country are -20 to -30 celsius.

First snow

View from roof 3

View from roof 2

View from roof 1

we went for a walk today around our neighborhood. it sure is icey.

Favorite neightbourhood building

Icicles on a back-hoe

Snow capped Vancouver
the mountains are pretty, but i'd trade it all up for the eiffel tower!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

diy inkblot tests

ok, so i wanted some vintage rorschach inkblot tests, but all the ones i found were too expensive or the seller was totally useless and wouldn't respond to my question of how big they were. so i decided to take matters into my own hands and make some of my own. how hard could it be?


here's what you'll need:

-ink or watered down black acrylic paint
-eye dropper and/or paintbrush
-cardstock or heavy weight water colour paper
-books or a bunch of heavy magazines
-paper to cover your work surface

Step 1
step 1. cover your work surface and fold your paper in half. i find folding it in half first makes it less messy after you've covered your page in ink.

Step 2
step 2. randomly drip ink onto half the page (it doesn't really matter if you get it on the other side, because it will be folded in half anyway. you can even use your paint brush to create random shapes, just make sure there is enough ink for the shape to transfer to the other side when you fold it in half.

Step 3
step 3. fold the paper back in half and press down with heavy books or magazines. shed a tear because you will never own those fabulous stella mccartney wedge shoes.

Step 4
step 4. after a few minutes of holding down the books/magazines, open up the sheet and let it dry. that's it!



i really like this paint colour above. it's called galvanized ul12 by ralph lauren and i really want to use it somewhere in the house, but i'm not sure where yet.

laurie brown

quail foot ring

rose thorn earrings

mountain lion claw

more browsing on etsy has discovered these drool-worthy pieces from laurie brown of san francisco. oh what i would do for that ring... all pieces are hand made, and she will even take commissions.