Tuesday, September 30, 2008

see ya!

off to japan today! kind of surreal. didn't really think this day would come. i don't really think it will hit me until we land and exit the plane. i packed super light, which i am kind of worried about, but i'm sure if i need something i can just buy it. anyway, wish me luck! pictures upon my return. see you in 3 weeks.

Monday, September 29, 2008

heart palpatations

Rick Owens S09

i can't wait to see a video. and the fog i love- because fog's nice. liking balmain and nina ricci overall, and lusting after the right from veronique leroy. sleeveless cowl-hood vest combo with drop crotch pleated trousers... yesssss pleassseeeeee.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


paris is here!


gareth pugh's first show in paris! had to post this picture in particular due to the few individuals pictured in the front row (owens, lamy, alt, roitfeld). i love this collection; its sculptural quality, mix of futuristic and elizabethan, with a bit of samurai armour thrown in. can't wait to see more from him. i'm so excited about the fashion week street style photos to come. a trend is already forming- the paris vogue crew wearing flats... something is in the air! but kate disagrees (drool!!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

onward and upward


good news has finally come. FINALLY!!!! regarding our house. we're closing!!! after we get back from tokyo we can move right in! i feel like a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders. i will have a home soon!! no more suitcases! i can't even remember how long we've been homeless, but i think it's been close to 5 months or something.

i think the thing i am looking forward to most is being able to hang up my clothes somewhere, and to get my running shoes and work-out stuff so i can start yoga and pilates again. oh, and set up my sewing machine too! i have so many ideas that need to get out!

i can't wait to go to japan, but now i'm happy i have somewhere to come home to.

the list

my tradition is to get a moleskin city guide for trips, but i can't find the tokyo one anywhere, and i don't have time to order one online. so i got a blank one and i'm going to treat it as more of a sketchbook/scrapbook. i created a list of things i want to look for in tokyo in pictorial format. it was fun to cut and paste again like we used to do in school.

here's a sampling...
Moleskin List
i want a lot of black shoes! haha. (there are more on other pages!)
Moleskin List

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

um... wow.

ok... now i want this isabel marant plaid shirt...

(garance dore)

Monday, September 22, 2008

ebay find: balenciaga shoe/boots

loving these lace-up balenciaga booties, but i'm not allowed to buy them. size 38 too!

bid on them: current bid $89

what's goin on

kinda not in a bloggy mood lately, but here's what's been going on...

New Stuff
last week i picked up some magazines and things that my friend katherine sent back from london with a friend.

We're baaack!
the pidgens that were born on jon's parents balcony are back. they come almost every morning and coo away while they hop around the balcony.

Toast with jam and Cosby Show
last week mornings consisted of toast with jam, and watching the cosby show in my underwear, because the apartment was so unbearably hot.

i almost forgot i bought these pants from pixie market. i want to find a few more pairs in tokyo.

Domestic suburban bliss.
cabin fever? maybe.

Travelling soon.
i'm getting excited about japan. we booked a ryokan/hot spring resort near sapporo. i am so excited for the hot spring baths. i got this luggage tag for my bag.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

j'aime des animaux

i've talked about otters. i've mentioned alpacas and llamas. have i mentioned squirrels? i kind of have a thing for squirrels. i try to befriend every squirrel i come across. the other day on the walk back from the grocery store i came across a black squirrel and we became friends over a piece of bread. i've fallen in love with these photographs...

'obviously' by audrey corregan

catherine ledner 'catherine's animals'

Catherine Ledner "Owl 1"

Catherine Ledner "Vulture"

Catherine Ledner "Squirrel 1"

Catherine Ledner "Hedgehog"

there are a ton of other animals too (check out mr. woodchuck and porcupine)

i spy


i spy spring's acne guide dress! looks great and fresh for fall with a leather belt and neutral cardigan.

(garance dore)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


excuse the detour from fashion, but i just saw this commercial about 5 minutes ago. the reaction it gave me was a combination between blood boiling anger and laughter. seriously? sure, high fructose corn syrup would be fine in moderation if it wasn't in every single processed food item! and even items that are advertised as "all natural"! (btw, 'all natural' means nothing because it is not a label or terminology that is regulated)

hfcs began replacing sugar in the 1970s and 80s in mass-produced foods. some think that because corn syrup production is subsidized, (while sugar is a taxed import), the us government 'pushed' for corn syrup to replace sugar. also, hfcs is cheaper than sugar cane, providing higher profit margins. some also think that the us government artificially inflated the price of domestic sugar to further force producers to use corn syrup instead of sugar.

coke even launched a new reformulated "new coke/coke II" in the 1980s when the replaced sugar with corn syrup, to compete with pepsi, who was out-selling them with their corn syrup formula. "The putative switch was planned all along to cover the change from sugar-sweetened Coke to much less expensive high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a theory that was supposedly given credence by the apparently different taste of Coke Classic when it first hit the market (the U.S. sugar trade association took out a full-page ad lambasting Coke for using HFCS in all bottling of the old formula when it was reintroduced[39])." (wikipedia)

high fructose corn syrup is not the same as sugar. It is not natural. it uses a crap load of chemicals to get it to the point where it can become a sugar substitute (i won't bore you with the details). "HFCS has a low glycemic index because it is metabolized differently in the body than glucose. For this reason, it was thought to be a good sustitute for sugar. It bypasses the system in our bodies that tells us that we have eaten something and to stop eating because we are full, so it provides a lot of calories with no signal to stop eating. Fructose is twice as sweet as sugar, is less expensive, and metabolically encourages people to overeat." (yahoo)

omg- watching it again just made me more mad....

i could go on... if you are interested in your health and what is in your food, i urge you to do some googling...

also- there is another version of this commercial that is even a little more hilarious. two 'all american mothers' are at a picnic (how cliche) and one is pouring a neon red drink-like beverage... yes.. because that looks natural...

Monday, September 15, 2008

paris vogue

in my obsession to assemble and archive a full year of paris vogue, i caved and bought two back-issues from somebody in france via ebay. i missed march '08, and i really wanted september 2007. so i'm up to date for 2008 (besides sept 2008, which i can't find here yet) and i'll have to go through my boxes once we move in to see what other issues i have. in an effort to cut down my magazine hoarding, usually i tear out anything worth saving and recycle the rest. but not paris vogue- how could i? i love flipping through old issues. you know you are doing something right when years later editorials still feel relevant.

Paris Vogue Mars 2008
mars 2008
Paris Vogue Mars 2008
septembre 2007
Paris Vogue Septembre 2007
septembre 2007

i was also finally able to give chanel's blue satin polish a try. i'm happy that it has more of a black cast in some light, and brighter in others. i really want to get a deep, dark purple for fall.


thanks to joanna from cup of jo, i've been featured (along with a few other familiar faces) on her glamour magazine blog 'smitten'. she sent out a request for 'first date outfits' so on sunday jon helped me take some photos of what i would wear on a first date. my first choice was a casual look- jeans, t-shirt, drkshdw jacket and flats. jon didn't think that was first-date material (geez!) so i picked out another outfit that was a bit more dressy but still comfortable. i feel really uncomfortable getting my picture taken, and i don't think i'm photogenic, so these were kind of torturous!

1st Date Outfit #1
this one made it on her blog.
-drkshdw jacket
-james perse t-shirt
-acne jeans
-repetto flats

1st Date Outfit #2
this one is my second option. i would feel more comfortable with a scarf. also- growing out fringe is torture!
-iro leather jacket
-zara dress
-acne shoes

also, i wanted to take jon go-cart racing for a belated birthday event, so we drove for a half hour to get to this place and they ended up being closed for a private function! blast! admittedly, i was a bit scared of driving really fast a few centimeters away from the pavement... but it does look like fun... we'll have to try again next weekend.


last week i was reminded of 20x200. i am warming up to the notion of photography as wall art. i have always been more of a fan of prints, paintings or illustrations, but now i'm thinking a large scale photograph would be fantastic as well.

i'm intrigued by luke stephenson's white and grey canary #1

i guess it just has to be the right photograph. i would love a stormy landscape, similar to this one by joseph o holmes, but maybe without the people and dogs...

can anyone recommend any photographers you think i'd like? (especially if they are local to vancouver)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


i seem to be finding a lot of jewelry that appeals to me lately. i was checking out what was new on aloha rag and found florian, designed by florian ladstaetter. check out aloha rag for some close-ups of all the pieces- there are some really cool mixes of materials.

leather bead necklace $720

aluminum, crystal, pearl necklace $265

chain and bead necklace $320

leather necklace with crystal beads $300

Friday, September 12, 2008

ebay find: alaia sandals

black patent anyone? some great alaia sandals in size 38.

bid on them: current bid $49

cross dressing

my penchant for menswear is not waning. oak has got a solid selection of mens pieces that i would jump into in a second, and i've been curious about a few dior homme pieces.

ksubi morrison leather pants $615

mike+chris vista lace-up boots $522

y-3 twill tech pant $428 (sold out)

dior homme 'shot in the dark' corduroy pants coated in resin. $590 from eluxury. curious. i may have to experiment with a diy version of these. black corduroy pants are something i have always wanted to add to my fall wardrobe. maybe this fall will be the year? a resin coating would give them a bit of edge, preventing them from looking too velvety/hippy-esque.

erie basin

historically i haven't been a big jewelry person, but i am now in the school of thinking that the right accessories or jewelry can elevate an outfit. i really love erie basin's selection of pieces. they have a bit of old world feel to them and of course i love anything natalia brilli covers in leather. i really want one of her watches.

erie basin georgian diamond ring.
soooo pretty. $425

1880s vulcanite and watch chain necklace $290

lee hale thorn studs $180

natalia brilli leather pearl necklace $375

Thursday, September 11, 2008


yesterday was jon's birthday, so i took him to ping's cafe on main street for dinner. i had wanted to check that place out for a while. i love the decor- especially the lighting. wood + felt + antique benches + abstract lighting + white&grey = perfect. it had an intimate feeling which i liked.

we had ping's poutine, tuna tataki, and ping's dinner. the poutine is a great idea- it includes curry with chips and cheese, but it honestly left me a bit disappointed. i'm not a poutine connoisseur, but i like my cheese melty and my fries crispy on the outside and soft on the inside... the tuna tataki was good, and well priced for how much you get. ping's dinner includes 1 hamburgoo, deep fried prawns and pork with tartar sauce, potato salad and rice. it was pretty tasty, but i was curious about their baked cod as well, so i'm sure we'll be back.

ping's cafe
2702 main st.
vancouver, b.c.

i wore my drkshdw jacket, which really doesn't get enough play in my wardrobe. i'm making a note to wear it more, because i love it so much. (pics taken at jon's parents house, where we are staying until we go to japan)

Outfit Last Night

Outfit Last Night Close-up

-drkshdw jacket
-bijoux de sophie necklace
-tinc dress (from san francisco)
-acne shoes

Monday, September 8, 2008

ny fashion week

new york fashion week doesn't usually excite me, but i did like alexander wang's destroyed knitwear with mesh inserts. not digging pastels for s09 though, sorry...

alexander wang s09
please tell me that is a leather bathing cap!

alexander wang s09
perfect for showing off your sequined booty shorts

alexander wang s09
stam does not look pleased... maybe it's the flack she's getting for having muscle on her thighs now...

kate looking amazing in a grey waistcoat
(garance dore)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

want to know a secret?

when i have a hard time falling asleep at night, i play this song in my head. it used to be a song i listened to when i experienced some heart ache a few years ago, but now it makes me go to sleep.

Friday, September 5, 2008

definitely worthwhile

these are the boots dreams are made of... ndc washed suede $628 from worthwhile i tried on a similar pair (but in leather, not suede) in paris after i fell in love through the window. alas they were not my size, but so very beautiful. they were a soft garment leather- the very softest leather you could imagine. perfectly slouchy and distressed. 'cool-girl boots' i dubbed them. these suede versions look luscious. i've become pretty obsessed with suede boots as of late. there are at least 6 different pairs of black suede boots i would love to get for fall- and all different styles too. thigh high, knee length, bootie, balmain-esque fringe, low cowboy boot, etc. black suede all the way.