Sunday, August 31, 2008


sessùn was one of the boutiques i missed while i was in paris and i soooo regret not making time to go there! they have nice simple clothing, a bit bohemian in style, a bit of style borrowed from isabel marant with always that french relaxed chic about them. here are some of my favorite looks from their fall collection. i don't know why i always look at things i can't have!

sessùn f08sessùn f08

sessùn f08sessùn f08

sessùn f08

sessùn f08

30 rue de charonne
75-011 paris

Thursday, August 28, 2008

makeup counter woes

Eyeshadow explosion

just like check-out queues, i have the worst luck with makeup counters too. somehow i always get some gum-chewing sloppy girl throwing about her makeup brushes and trying to sell me shiny foundation 2 shades too dark for my skin. and for some reason i put up with it. today i had an appointment with chanel to get my makeup done. really, my motive was to learn how to do a smokey eye. hah. that was not going to happen today. today i was the recipient of chanel's new fall makeup line loaded in the makeup gun and set to 'whore'. i asked for 'subtle smokey eye' and i got some gold explosion mixed with soot encrusted on my eyelid, porn star mega glossy lip encircling my natural lip line, and super shiny foundation face. i was not exactly pleased. though i'm sure it wasn't as bad as if i had walked out of m.a.c. post artist attack, i still felt a wee bit overdone and cakey-eyed. i'm just not used to that much makeup, especially eyeshadow. i ended up getting the '93 smokey eyes' palette instead of the new 'reflets d'ombre' one that my attacker used, but i'm debating on whether or not i'm actually going to keep it.

silent noise

my hard drive died a while ago (note to self- crunching noises are not a good sign, and neither is dropping it) and i lost all my music, but managed to save all my stupid albeit important work files. i have been without itunes for about six weeks and this instant about five minutes ago i officially snapped. i hate not being able to listen to music when i want to. i have a selection on my ipod but i don't like listening to it while i work at home because its kind of weird having headphones on all day. jon- help me!!

edit: thanks jon! managed to get back itunes and all my music!! yaaaay!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

do you like surf clams?

yesterday was our anniversary and jon surprised me by taking me to the aquarium for a behind the scenes tour of the sea otters. the sea otters are my favorite animals to see at the aquarium! i was so excited- i was as giddy as a 5 year old! did you know that a sea otter's fur is only attached to their face, wrists and ankles? so it's like they're wearing a big onesie so they can clean the fur on their back by just pushing around their skin. and they have pockets in their armpits where they store food or their favorite urchin-bashing rock.

we got to prepare the food for one of the otters by scooping out surf clam pieces out of a big bucket into a little cooler. one meal is 1.8 kg of surf clams. i stuck my hands right down into the slop. then... we got to feed an otter!! so exciting. they eat really fast.

Otter Nom Nom

Otter eating

Otter eating more

jon took a little video of me throwing in a piece of clam (while getting attacked by a wasp) the trainer is saying in the video that he (the otter) did well eating because he is usually picky and won't eat the little stringy pieces, but he ate everything this time.

seal nose

also animal related, the best mock-sartorialist yet! the catorialist. i am all about deconstructed coats for fall.

Monday, August 25, 2008

tranquil home

i was checking out dwr and found some nice new home items. collectively they give me the feeling of a tranquil white home with touches of grey and an abundance of linen and maybe some felt for good measure.

dwr- herb pot
herb pot $30

dwr- nest heather sheets
nest heather flat sheets $145-210

dwr- fog linen apron
fog linen full apron $80

dwr- stacking storage tower
stacking storage tower $115

dwr- fog linen cases
fog linen zip cases $18-35

Friday, August 22, 2008

ebay finds: claireinc*

i'm supposed to be saving money for tokyo, so i really shouldn't be pining over things on ebay. here are two faaabulous vintage finds that i wish i could buy. they're from the same seller: claireinc*

bid on vintage sheer mini dress: current bid AUS$102.50

bid on vintage blazer: current bid AUS$112.50

a chuckle a day...

this picture made me chuckle out loud.
pictured is karl's $1500 teddy bear made by german toy company steiff. article from w.
some choice quotes:
“Bears are very nice, as long as you are nice to them"
“Nothing scares me more than people with some doll collection. Frightening.”
Did he have a favorite teddy bear as a child? “Maybe I had one; I don’t remember. I never played with anything like toys. I wanted to be grown-up.”

the boots....


cool chic-1


i have been obsessed with emmanuelle's thigh high boots from the first instant i laid eyes on them. thigh high boots are ever so practical too! look- you can even ride a bike in them (or at least pose on one) i have been searching high and low for the perfect pair. they must be suede, have a slightly rounded toe, covered slightly chunky heel (the louboutin monica will not do-too narrow). i think i have found the perfect pair: jimmy choo hampton $1300 sold out at net-a-porter. sigh. perhaps i have to look at a hoochie store like bebe or guess for a knock off :(

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the one that got away...



i was humming and hawing about this jacket on ebay and then it got bought. le sigh. i think it is quite fabulous, moreso now that i can't have it...


hello- i added a contact email on the left if anyone needs to contact me! just so you know.

Monday, August 18, 2008

publique living


i was just checking out velocity to see what was new at their web store. i haven't visited in a while because i'm kind of disgruntled that they won't ship internationally anymore. i came across these fantastic blankets by 'publique living.' both are made from alpaca, one of my favorite wool-bearing animals. i love llamas too. see the basic alpaca throw $250 here and the boucle one $200 here.

recently tommy blogged about visiting a farm that had alpacas... they're so cute!


well, we are off to japan from september 30-october 20! i really wanted to go in the spring to see the cherry blossoms, but i am sure there will be no shortage of beauty in october. i hear the changing leaves are quite beautiful as well. we are planning to take some side trips to kyoto for sure, and maybe osaka or perhaps somewhere in the north.

if anyone has any recommendations for accommodations (under $150/night) or stores, or just general travel tips, i'm all ears! i'm working on learning some phrases... based on the crazy maps i've come across so far (my jaw dropped when i saw the superfuture maps!) i think "can you show me where ___ is" will be the most important thing to learn!

polish + studs

here are some recent purchases...

i caved and got the blue satin nail enamel from chanel today. i really liked the colour when i first saw it, but had reservations because i wore this exact same colour all the time during highschool (obviously not made by chanel). i always feel this way about something that was popular or that i wore when i was younger (like coloured denim, doc martins, etc.) that comes back in fashion. i honestly never though doc martins would come back in fashion (i love the way they look on the young fashionistas, but i don't think i will go there myself.) i suppose i should just go with the flow more. now i just have to get my scraggly cuticles fixed up for a fresh polish.


also, i got this belt at h+m when i was in san francisco and decided to make it into a bracelet instead.


i ended up buying some inexpensive wide leg jeans at forever 21 in salt lake city. i was craving them so badly and haven't had time to go pick up my nice ones (the 18th amendment colbert) from our postal box in the states. i wore them with my second-hand marine t-shirt, leather jacket and all-black converse. it was really hot that day, but i was willing it to be fall! eventually i had to take off the jacket because i just couldn't stand it any longer. this picture is from last week. it's the best i could do at our 5th (or is it 6th?) temporary home.

ebay find: undercover sheer top

i've been watching this sheer undercover top for a while now, but i decided i don't need it. i do love it though- especially the two zipper entry...

bid on it: currently at $90

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



another of carine, emanuelle and mélanie clearly illustrating their celebrity status at paris fashion week in 2007. i don't know about you, but i'd be more nervous/giddy running into one of them than any 'traditional' celebrity... (pic from jak+jil)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

impulse buys...


i'm in salt lake city right now and had a moment of weakness at forever 21. i will be coming back with three more pairs of sunglasses than i left with. the ones on the left kinda remind me of linda farrows, and the ones on the right are wayfarer style but in a clear peachy colour. i was kinda resisting the wayfarer trend for a long time, but these were just really fun and only $5 so i figured why not. now that i see them on myself i kinda don't like the colour... buyers remorse... i blame the heat- i think it fried my brain.

the third pair are round black ones that are slightly reminiscent of the famous chanel ones.

i also got a cute denim mini skirt and a pair of dark denim wide leg trouser jeans- i will share pictures soon.

unfortunately retail therapy was the only thing keeping me sane here in slc. one more day and then i'm back tomorrow night.

oh, also i thought i would mention (since i posted about them before) that nau is up and in business again! they were bought by outdoor apparel company 'horny toad' (the most horrible name for a brand) i met with the founder again yesterday and they will be opening up select retail stores with their unique line of fashionable sustainable active apparel. they will also be relaunching their web store. i didn't realize this last time i met him, but he kind of resembles and sounds like rick owens- i reeeealy wanted to ask if he was related or something, but it would have been way too embarrassing because i'm pretty sure he's not related in any way... i was just fantasizing that he was and that he could hook me up with a job with ro in paris... a girl can dream...


(scan by aliensexfriend on tfs)

i just bought the new paris vogue and i'm quite enamored with this belt. i think its the first gucci piece i've actually been interested in. of course it's like $1200. xax- are these the cartier sunglasses you said you're obsessed with? if so, i love them! they remind me of those chloe's with the leather trim.

Gucci Belt 2
$1195 available on

Gucci belt 1
this one is kinda cool too. $680.

i think these belts just remind me of my love for the heavy (and sharp!- i was trying it on at holt renfrew once and it cut me and made me bleed!) gold balenciaga belt from a few seasons ago...this is one of those pieces that i will scoop up if i find it on ebay for a reasonably discounted price.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

thinking about fall...

i'm completely in fall mode now. i'm going crazy though, because i have so many ideas but no sewing machine! i had a bit of free time today so i felt compelled to create some collages of some of my favorite looks from fall.

i think the one fall collection that i am obsessed with is givenchy. perfection for me-in terms of what i wish i could wear. the lace- my god the lace- that blouse or dress needs to be mine- someway, somehow... even that weird olive-ish coloured ruffled bib blouse- sooo pretty but tough in a way too. i want it all! leather pants? yes please! orthopedic velcro-strapped wedges? you know i want 'em! ruffled off shoulder blouse- gimme!

ysl is just gorgeous to look at. i don't know how much it will influence or translate into my own wardrobe, but it is pleasing to look at. the leather coat, the two tone blazer, the white blouse with almost leg-of-mutton sleeves... and the shoes are beautiful- those platform pumps and boots with oversized openings...

rick owens is a no brainer for me. the layers, leather, fur... check, check, check... something notable to consider is shorts over leather leggings...

i can't wait to start layering again...

givenchy F08
givenchy 2


rick owens

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what's in my bag?

i haven't done a personal post in a while so i thought i'd do a 'here's what's in my bag' post. even though i cleaned my bag out a while ago, i still have a ton of crap in it.

What's in my bag?
here she is. the strap is starting to rip at one end, so i emailed isabel marant and hopefully i can get it fixed.

What's in my bag?
i've put notes on all my pictures in flikr, so if you're wondering about something specific, go check it out.

What's in my bag?
all this crap is in the little pocket on the outside.

DSCWhat's in my bag?06292
all of that fits in that tiny little pouch! amazing.

What's in my bag?
my travel makeup bag.

What's in my (makeup) bag?
there's actually less stuff in it now then there used to be!

hmm.... taking all these pictures makes me think i need to clean out my bag again...