Thursday, July 31, 2008

acne a-pant

Acne A-Pant

Acne A-Pant

jon and i made an impromptu trip to gravity pope today to check out some things. though they carry a couple good brands (acne, fifth ave. shoe repair, linda farrow vintage, karen walker, alexander wang, MM6, etc), unfortunately i've never been impressed with that store. even though the brands they carry are good, the selection isn't all that great. maybe when their fall stuff comes in it will be better. i also think the actual store design is lacking quite a bit. i don't know what it is- it just doesn't mesh well with the clothing, if that makes sense. anyway....

i've already purchased a pair of 18th amendment colbert jeans from shopbop (they were on sale for $69!) but i decided to try on the acne a-pant jeans to see how they fit. the leg was good (they would have to be hemmed quite a bit) but the bum area was not good. i did like them overall though, so if you are more ample in the posterior, i think these would be great!

please excuse the crappy quality of these phone pictures- i know, i know- i need an iphone....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ebay find: dries van noten sandals

le sigh... damn my shoe ban... these dries are so cheap.
buy them now: $185

if the sofa doesn't fit...

this made me smile.

sculptural installation from lila jang via apartment therapy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ebay find: nina ricci jacket

i really like the shape of this nina ricci 'cocoon' jacket, and the colour seems quite versatile.
bid on it: current bid $406

wide leg jeans

emmanuelle alt via the sartorialist

geraldine saglio

emmanuelle alt

geraldine saglio

rachel bilson via

punky b

i really want a pair of wide leg jeans. i'm getting a bit tired of my denim collection and feel i need something fresh. i bought a pair of the wide leg jeans from uniqlo waaay back in december and needed to hem them. now they are sitting in a box, buried in our storage locker. i really want to wear them but they would be impossible to find.

particularly for jon, above i have shown where i am trying to go with this look, not so much 'hippy'....more 'parisian chic'...

notify actea jeans $90 at shopjake

james jeans robyn jeans $113 at activeendeavors

acne jeans a-pant in lena $175 at shopjake

acne jeans l.u.v. in telephone $90 at shopjake

i tried on the acne l.u.v. jeans, but i wasn't sure on the fit because they were a size or two too big, so it's hard to tell if they would work or not... any suggestions?

Monday, July 28, 2008

robot love

i have put off posting this because i wanted to do the cutest little robot in the world some justice, though i'm not sure if i did. i hope it makes you want to see the movie though!

when i was little i had an obsession with the robot from the movie short circut. i think partly it was because the character in the movie that discovers/saves johnny-5 is named stephanie. that year all i wanted for christmas was a robot!

well, when jon found some clips and trailers for wall-e about a year ago, i was sooo beyond excited for this movie and its cute little robot.

we went and saw it last weekend (well now that i'm finally posting this- it was about 3 weeks ago!) and it was fantastic! the animation was so great. i love the character and his fascination with everyday, mundane objects. i warned jon that i might cry. i don't know why, but i had a feeling this little robot would be tugging at my heart strings. i came close, but no waterworks. i wish wall-e was real and i could take him home with me and we could be pals. after debating the dog situation, we are seriously considering buying the remote control wall-e robot (it probably won't happen). i'm trying to convince jon to see it again in theatres (actually i'm trying to convince anyone to see it again with me!), i am considering buying the game for ps3, and i will definitely be buying this movie on blu-ray when it comes out. best movie of the summer.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

quelle heure est-il?

CB2 Clocks

jon said he wants to get a wall clock for our new place. so i've started researching. i like this extra large version from cb2. you won't miss the time with this thing on your wall! metropolis wall clock $129 from cb2

Friday, July 25, 2008

the perfect outfit...

ahhhh..... the shearling rick owens jacket. my heaven, nirvana, top of everest, atlantis. one day it will be mine. i must say this little outfit put together by net-a-porter looks near perfect. comfy, slouchy, yet luxe and pulled together. but what kind of shoes do you wear with a long skirt? i haven't worn a long skirt since the early 90s. what shoes would you suggest for this outfit?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

apc fall 2008

APC Fall 08APC Fall 08APC Fall 08

i was very pleased to see apc fall 2008 was up this morning when i opened my email. it cheered me up from a rough day yesterday. i really like the look they went with for fall, though i admit not all of it is my style, but i like looking at it. there were at least a few pieces i might be interested in this season, compared to the spring season where i only bought one piece, and that was on sale a few weeks ago! i still have to share that here. anyway, here are my favorite things from the fall collection online.

APC Fall 08
i love parkas. especially with shearling or faux shearling. $550

APC Fall 08
a nice simple grey cardigan. $195

APC Fall 08
i kind of like the idea of this dress, though i think it might be a bit too prissy for me. i'll have to see it in person. $285

APC Fall 08
again with the too prissy. this is not something i could see myself wearing, but who knows- maybe i will surprise myself. $230

APC Fall 08
these crepe soled suede boots are fantastic. $380

APC Fall 08
cute plaid belt. $120

APC Fall 08
weekend bag. $230

Monday, July 21, 2008

margiela sandals

New Shoes

i decided that since i can't stop looking at my new shoes they deserved their own post. here they are on a groovy rug at jon's parents house. by the way- those are not capri pants! they are my jeans pushed up. i dislike capris.

topshop unfairness...

Topshop F08Topshop F08Topshop F08

Topshop F08Topshop F08Topshop F08

i always find myself browsing on topshop even though they don't ship to me. they ship to the usa but not canada. i thought i had found a loop hole by shipping the items to my us postal box, but they could tell my computer was not at that address. i know there are ways around this but it is too much work. i will continue to drool at topshop's stellar-looking fall offerings and save up for a plane ticket.

edit: here is a link to see more pictures: click here

Sunday, July 20, 2008

what men want...

jon and i were talking on ichat while i was in san francisco and i was kinda of lamenting how he thinks everything i like is 'pouchy' or 'ugly' or 'drapey', etc. so i challenged him to make me an outfit in polyvore. actually, first he challenged me first to make an outfit that i thought he would pick out for me, and apparently i failed. he didn't do a bad job! for the record, he picked out the top, skirt, shoes, sunglasses and cuff, and i added the rest.

limi feu

i discovered 'limi feu' by limi yamamoto (yohji's daughter) at cielo blu in san francisco. i guess if i was really paying attention to paris fashion week, i would have seen her debut there. she has had her line since 2000, showing it at tokyo fashion week until the current fall collection which was shown at paris fashion week. you can definitely see yohji's influence, but it has a much younger feeling to the collection. the images above are from her spring collection.

the owner of cielo blu showed me a bag and some accessories from her line that were just amazing-a bag in particular. similar to the one above but more in the shape of a bum bag/fanny pack.

You can see a video from where limi talks a bit about her line and shows some pieces. i love the pieces she chooses to show- that long draped jacket and printed dress are to die for. i love her answers to tim blanks' questions too. below are some pictures from her fall 2008 collection.

limi feu
villa hase 1f 6-6-11 jingumae
shibuya-ku, tokyo
zip 150-0001

limi feu
crecer daikanyama 1f 7-4 daikanyama-cho
shibuya-ku, tokyo
zip 150-0034

(images from, the fashion spot)