Monday, June 30, 2008

summer dressing

cafe mode


garance doré

cafe mode


coachalla (ibid)

coachella (ibid)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

beach day

Beach Day

finally it's starting to get warm. we went to a beach today to relax. i was hoping to find crabs and little sea creatures, but there were no tide pools at this beach. i scavenged the beach for specimens while jon read.

Beach Day
finally sandal weather! time to get a bit of sun on my pale skin! (not without spf 60 though! haha)

Beach Day


Beach Day

Beach Day

i hope everyone is enjoying some sun this weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

engrish + food happenings


we explored the crystal mall food court in burnaby the other week and it's pretty much as awesome as any other asian mall in richmond or vancouver. i love the spelling errors the most. i ended up getting a bowl of udon which was delicious of course. i haven't had egg balls/waffles (called different things depending on the place!) in so long. it's one of my favorite things to get at the night market or aberdeen center in richmond. they were pretty sub par here. the best ones are at aberdeen center.

i have another food post coming because we ate at guu last night after jon picked me up at the airport. we've been eating out a lot because of our housing situation. we had bin 941 last weekend which was sooooooo beyond good. unfortunately they were out of sangria, so i had a glass of wine (red) which was very uncharacteristic (i'm not a wine drinker, except in sangria) but i actually enjoyed it. they seriously need to reconsider the music in that place, though the yummy food distracted me enough to ignore it. i forgot to take pictures because i was way too hungry and excited about my favorite dish: cinnamon chili rub texas flank steak, maple syrup chipotle glaze, black pepper pommes frites. seriously. sooo good.


i discovered the swedish online store (they also have brick + mortar stores in malmo and helsingborg) probably about a year ago when i was looking for somebody who sold fifth avenue shoe repair, and i ordered a top from them. i've kept an eye on them and their store has grown quite a bit and is also easier to navigate and mostly english now!

i love the shirt from ann-sofie black above. i've been drawn to altered white button ups lately. first that y-3 one from oak, which i am still planning on sewing if we ever move into our new house. it's been pretty crazy around here lately. i've been crazy busy with work, and we've had to move into temporary homes twice. it really sucks actually. i just want to move into my home and get back to the city.

this short sleeve jacket from carin wester. i've been watching carin wester since last year when tres bien had this amazing dress of hers. she is a small (well, growing) swedish designer.

martin margiela mesh bag. big but visually light.

minimarket anorak. my love for anoraks isn't waning. i want another!

cool cape style anorak from wood wood.

Friday, June 20, 2008

pixie market

i discovered pixie market a while ago but kind of forgot about it. i really like some of their offerings. most are quite well priced and from little-known or independent designers making them somewhat unique.

i really really like the pleat detail on this rekiem dress $105

this tutu blu dress is so amazingly cool! i love the rope details. i want this badly. $448

asymmetric stripe t-shirt by hope $126

love love love this look. jodhpur pant from orphan $189

maybe a good summer cover-up contendor? $189 from hope

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

nice sandals

i love these dolce vita studded sandals from oak, but sandals, i do not need.

san fran tips?

i will be heading to san francisco with my mom for a much needed vacation in july. obviously i'm in research mode, so if anyone has any little-known tips or great places to eat and shop in the city, i'm all ears! i already have a ton of places to visit (stores mostly) but i always feel paranoid that i will miss something...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pretty home things





some inspiring images of lovely things from ochre.
i'm getting so beyond anxious to move into our new place. i'm going batty. i don't like feeling as if i have no home. we've been doing a bit of furniture browsing, as there are a few things we need for our new place.

this pillow is from the same company that makes the first throw pictured. they're called 'moluche' and focus on handmade alpaca textiles. i saw these in person at a home store in paris and they are so gorgeous. when my pillow budget doubles, i'll be sure to consider these!

ebay find: margiela tabi

Daul Kim

I found some margiela tabi boots and sneakers on ebay. i'm still unsure of them for myself, but they look great on daul kim. she's one of my favorite models at the moment. she's got great personal style!

steal of a starting price at $75 each...

bid on the boots

bid on the sneakers

Friday, June 13, 2008

octopussus are cute

here's a fun octopus grey melange sweatshirt from tsumori chisato on sale at bird. i could picture tommy (notes by naive) wearing this. actually the more i look at it the more i want it. must stop internet browsing.

i've always been intrigued by octopusses. did you know they are really smart? i watched some tv program on them and they can figure out mazes and squeeze their heads through really small spaces. i want one as a pet, naturally. at least jon wouldn't be allergic!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Summertime in Vancouver

i hope somebody out there is enjoying summer-like weather. i certainly am not. this has been the view out our window. also, add torrential down pours. yuck. dark, cloudy, rainy, cold! i was getting worried i wouldn't have anything to wear this summer, but so far i haven't been able to wear bare legs, sandals or sleeveless/tank tops at all! perhaps i should be careful what i wish for...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

long waistcoat + komakino

Kate Moss YSL

i've wanted a long-ish waistcoat for a while. it seems like a great layering piece to just throw on over a simple t-shirt or top. i bought a couple inexpensive ones a few years ago but got rid of them because they weren't quite right. i love the way the ysl one above is more of a sleeveless blazer. and that wide lapel is very cool.

we had a short stop at komakino this past weekend where i tried on a mens number (n)ine tuxedo style waistcoat that was quite perfect. it had a satin shawl collar. i like looking at komakino for myself because many of the labels cater to very slender fits that work well for me. also, the store is not pretentious at all, unlike many 'high end' and 'avant garde' boutiques. campbell, the owner, is very nice and helpful and we often chat about the genius of rick owens while i browse.

i like to support stores like that rather than ones with bitchy sales people who don't give me the time of day because i am not an old-moneyed middle aged woman decked out in chanel*. i had a run-in with a horrible woman at holt renfrew the last time i was there and i had to restrain myself from cursing at her. actually, as of late, i have had quite bad luck with ridiculously unhelpful, unknowledgeable and useless customer service whether from brick and mortar stores or online stores.

anyway, enough with the complaining.
some other beautiful things komakino had were from julius, the viridi-anne and rick owens

julius cardigan

the viridi-anne belt. i've been lusting after this for a while but $600 for a belt is a wee bit out of my price range.

half and half ann demeulemeester t-shirts. love these.

damir doma transparent bomber. transparencies are another thing i would like to dabble in once i get my sewing machine back.

rick owens sneakers.

raf simons astronaut sneakers

sak lace-ups

*i don't have anything against old-moneyed people, middle aged people, or chanel. i am just talking about the stereotypical woman that certain sales associates kiss the arses of and just dying to help so they can put into practice their fake 'rich' accent.

Monday, June 9, 2008

grey melange


Kate YSL

YSL sweatshirt

grey melange is fantastic. it's one of my favorite things. garance doré's photo at the top kinda rekindled my love, and shows a great way to wear it in the spring. also the search for chic's post here. chop off those sleeves and roll 'em up! i will be finding a sweatshirt to hack toute de suite! i was going to get an american apparel one to chop, but theirs is fleece and i think the sleeves will only roll nicely with a french terry. i am on the hunt.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

marni + complex geometries

New Shoes
New Shoes
New Shoes

well, i got my marni's from yoox. i think i made the right decision. i love these and they will be more versatile then the wedge ones. the perspex layer is so cool. i also got my complex geometries tank from reborn. it's just what i needed. i love it when that happens- when you buy something that just seems so right and fills a little void you had in your closet. it's light jersey with racer back, perfect for spring/summer but with the layered feeling i'm comfortable with. like i said before, i always have trouble dressing in the spring/summer because i love layering, so this fit the bill perfectly.

Complex Geometries TopComplex Geometries Top