Friday, April 25, 2008

just can't resist

new scarf

i went to a sample/inventory sale this morning. i wasn't going to go. i told myself i wasn't all night and all this morning. but i couldn't resist. i had to know what was there. richard kidd was one of my favorite stores in vancouver (save the inflated prices) so when they closed their store i was sad but also curious what they were going to do with all their unsold merchandise. well my prayers were answered this morning. no 70% off balenciaga bag, but there were some good finds. i left behind a pair of tsubi jeans because i already have enough grey/black-grey jeans and i feel duped when i buy things 'just because' they are on sale. also passed up this fantastic pair of earrings. originally $700 (!!!) going for $150. that's too much for a pair of earrings i don't care what percentage they're on sale!

new scarf
richard kidd ginormous knit tube scarf

new perfume

comme des garcons series 2:red palisander perfume (full size bottle for $35!)

i also got an amazing top that i will post later because i was too lazy to change.

my new used engineer boots
i also received my engineer boots from ebay! they are a bit bulky looking and a teeny bit big for me but i like them and they were cheap. i will miss playing with the bright light coming in from our front entrance when we move.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

butter london

Butter London NailpolishButter London NailpolishButter London Nailpolish

i was in whistler last weekend for work and i discovered a little beauty boutique. i was bored so i perused the products to see what they had. from afar i noticed this interesting muddy grey nail polish from a brand called butter london. i had to have it. it's such an unusual shade. i discovered later that butter london nail polishes won't give you cancer! they are formaldehyde, toluene and dbp free. i want to get two more shades pictured above- the blue is called "mariner" and the green "thames"

also, they are having a promotion right now: you can trade in three of your old crusty cancer-causing polishes for one fresh new butter london polish (at their stores and participating boutiques) since i don't travel with three bottles of nail polish i couldn't get a free one, but i was happy to purchase one anyway.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ebay find: rachel comey court shoes

seduced again by rachel comey's footwear- i bet suede would be more comfy... luckily these aren't my size- size 9 for anyone who's interested!

bid on them: current bid $170 or bin for $180

ebay find: isabel marant bag

this is a really cute leather bag with a chain strap- if i didn't already have one similar to this it would be on my watch list right now!

bid on it: current bid $62

happy earth day

since today is earth day i thought that it would be fitting that i talk a bit about the environment, which is something i am quite passionate about and wish i could incorporate more into my career one day. i find it a struggle to be interested in fashion and also the environment. i do not want to talk about my viewpoint on these two subjects and how i feel they do or do not interconnect, so i will just share with you some things i have taken action on and other i hope to! i hope everyone does something for earth day to make a teeny difference, and i hope nobody buys a hummer today. haha

i try to do my part for the environment. here are some things i do already:
-buy local and organic produce
-buy some organic meat (and try to eat less of it)
-use eco-friendly cleaning products
-use cfl bulbs
-keep the electric heaters off most of the time
-avoid buying bottled water
-religiously recycle
-buy vintage clothing before new (although sometimes its hard to resist- buying clothing is definitely a hard habit to break)
-use the car as little as possible
-use some organic and natural skincare products
-buy 100% post-consumer recycled printing paper
-re-use paper (i print on both sides if it is a proof or if just for my personal use)
-cut down our plastic bag consumption by probably 95% (use reusable grocery bags)
-wash clothes in cold water, sometimes warm
-use energy star washer and dryer, with high efficiency biodegradable soap
-hang dry some clothing (more hang drying in the summer)

i'm sure there are some more...

some other things that i would like to do in the future are:
-help with a beach/park/etc clean-up
-start a compost
-figure out a way to collect grey water to use for watering plants, etc.
-shop more at local farm markets- there is one this weekend i hope to go to!
-eat less meat
-find a way to utilize alternate energy sources (particularly solar and wind power)
-buy biodegradable plastic trash bags
-become involved with sustainable fiber production promotion
-become active in reducing business environmental impact (i worked at a kids store a year and a half ago and became so livid that they didn't recycle- i created bins for recycling paper especially, and would constantly have to rifle through the garbage separating half-drunk cans from paper and other trash- sorry, personal rant!) i would like to find a way to promote recycling and common-sense environmental practices in businesses.
-research and find out where other type of plastic can be recycled in the city
-buy less in general
-look into purchasing carbon credits for my air travel
-grow my own herbs (i'm not sure this will work because i kill every plant i touch)
-buy a bike
-have a dual flush toilet

again, i'm sure there are some more things i would like to do but can't think of...

here are some good websites i visit to stay informed and some that sell organic/earth friendly products.

david suzuki foundation
organic consumers association
green maven
how to compost
good work canada- green jobs
eat local- farmers markets in vancouver

preserve products
greenworks building supply in vancouver
feel more human
green loop
cocos shoppe

Friday, April 18, 2008

oak and drkshdw

i love love love rick owens and love his more casual and less expensive drkshdw line too. i was mildly bewildered but happy to get notice that oaknyc is carrying his line for women! they have great sales too, so maybe i will get lucky. his pieces are great because for me it doesn't matter what size i get, it always looks great. i even have a t-shirt from the drkshdw mens line (that i happen to be wearing today!) I would love to have these three pieces in my wardrobe...

totally awesome denim vest $559

comfy slouchy tie-up fleece vest $407

diry slouchy bias cut jeans $384

a.p.c. madras

A.P.C. Madras 08

a.p.c.'s madras line is up on the euro website and i must say, i like it more than the regular spring line! there was only one thing i would consider buying from the normal spring line, but i'm finding more lust-worthy items in the jessica ogden designed madras collection for this summer. i also liked the site layout- impossible to capture head to toe looks, but i like the jumbo-sized pictures. much better to show the detail. here are some of my picks.

A.P.C. Madras 08
this belt reminds me of the one balenciaga did a few seasons ago, but i love its laid-back look in brown.

A.P.C. Madras 08
A.P.C. Madras 08

i think this is a sweet summer look thrown over a bikini- i could substitute the sandals for my k.jacques gladiators.

A.P.C. Madras 08
A.P.C. Madras 08

i love this easy sleeveless shirt dress

A.P.C. Madras 08
A.P.C. Madras 08

this is such a sweet bikini! i love the plaid and the bandeau style top. those navy sunglasses are awesome too.

A.P.C. Madras 08
A.P.C. Madras 08

ever since my lightweight denim isabel marant dress, i've had a bit of a liking for lightweight denim and chambray. this dress has some cool details and again those awesome navy sunglasses!

A.P.C. Madras 08
A.P.C. Madras 08

i love this button up paired with the denim mini- easy spring/summer style when the weather's not warm enough for short sleeves.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

sofa love

all i can think about is our potential new house(s) and what imaginary furniture i would fictionally purchase to fill it. i'm very in love with this gus modern sectional. i love the tufting on the cushions, the proportions and the soft grey colour. i want i want! i'll have to see if our local gus stockist has it in store for me to try out. that could be bad though- i may want it even more after seeing it in person!

long blazer

Net-a-porter outfit
this has been on my shopping list for a looooong time. i'm really after a long-ish blazer- preferably black. i'm not really actively looking, but whenever i'm in a thrift store i peruse the blazers but everything that is long-ish has such wide shoulders and everything that fits in the shoulders is a cropped style! if i really wanted to apply myself i would make one, because i am capable after all, but i've just been too busy with work and finding a new home. i happened upon one by smythe on net-a-porter, since online shopping is the only kind of shopping i have time for these days. it pretty much fits the bill- i love the contrasted rolled up sleeve- that's what did me in! le sigh.
Smythe blazer

Thursday, April 10, 2008

krazy karl

oh krazy karl, it is strange that we have a few things in common?... His level of distain for many things yet his ability to unknowingly be so comical reminds me of another wrinkled cartoon- mr. burns.

Some of my favorites...

Do you ever wish you had a son to pass on your wisdom to, to continue the Chanel heritage?
That's the last thing I want. I hate all children. For other people, it's fine, but not for me. I was born not to be a family person.

Going to other places that involve people.
I live in certain isolation. I never take appointments in the morning. I leave my house only after lunch. I don't want to have a social life. I've had enough of that in my life. It's demode. It's another era. Perhaps people are still excited by that era, but not me. It's uninteresting today. It says nothing. It's boring, pretentious and vulgar...

Technology, the internet, etc.
I'm a computer by myself. I have a memory also for unnecessary things. Telephone numbers are a problem, but historical details are not.

People who try to analyze him.
Diane von Furstenberg told me she thinks you may not be the best designer aesthetically, but that you're by far the smartest.
And look at her prints, hmm? Maybe I've known her for too many years. Maybe she's right, I don't know. If she were an expert, perhaps her designs may be more impressive...

jezebel never fails to entertain... i'm going to use the word 'demode' all the time now.

this whole karl as mr. burns thing got me wheels turning and i decided to devote part of my day to this masterpiece! behold my adobe illustrator skills at their finest!

Mr.Burns as Karl



my new haircut isn't as exciting as i thought it would be. my colour pretty much looks the same as it did before except shinier and no more split ends. my hair isn't thick enough for the amazing fringe i gushed about in my initial post, but my stylist tried his best to give it the same look.

i also got my makeup done today as i was trying to find a new foundation. so i'm feeling especially snappy today. my skin is so pale with pink undertones that a lot of foundations look orange on me, including the crappy one i've been lazily using for the past few months. i finally bought a new one! frickin' expensive though. it better last me a long time. i got giorgio armani shaping cream foundation and high precision retouch concealer and somehow got talked into buying the powder so i could get the free gift with purchase. granted the gift w/purchase is a full size really nice mascara. i've never seen a mascara wand like this- it's really strange but it actually does lengthen and thicken. a product that actually does what it says it does! amazing!

since it was kinda warm out today i decided to wear my new undercover dress. i figured out what to wear under it after some experimentation. last year i bought a mens rick owens ribbed tank top in xs. its super long and is basically a mini dress. it's the perfect underpinning for the sheer black dress.


Undercover lace detail
i love the lace at the bottom- btw it's not metallicy at all, that's just the flash!

Undercover dress back

ps- i have the most amazing post coming up... i'm such a dork and i'm sure nobody will think it's as amazing as i do... but stay tuned for my masterpiece!

red tights

Red Tights

Red Tights

Red Tights

i've been thinking about getting red tights ever since i saw piksi's paired with a matching red skirt, and stylist vanessa bellugeon's red wolford tights on a 'intersection' video. recently they also did a little feature on red tights with these great runway inspirations. i think i will pick up a cheap pair just to experiment. i'm usually not a bright legwear type of girl. well, not really a bright anything type of girl! we will see where this goes... perhaps some pictures...

Red Tights

Red Tights

Red Tights

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

new hair


i've finally decided to go and get my hair done. it's gotten to that point where it really needs it. my fringe is all grown out and my colour is looking dull. i'm looking forward to getting my bangs back (loving the girl's on the left! pic from garance doré)but i think i will get a lighter colour than usual. my natural colour is a mousy brown and i usually get it coloured a dark chocolate brown. i think i'll opt for a lighter shade for spring like the model on the right.

Monday, April 7, 2008


potatoes have got to be my favorite thing- you can make them so many ways. i especially love garlic mashed and scalloped and as fries in poutine mmmm...poutine... i decided to try this recipe from epicurious that combines regular potatoes with sweet potatoes. i've never made potatoes like this from scratch, but it ended up sooooo tasty! i highly recommend this recipe. it's very easy- if i can do it then anyone can! i'm a horrible cook, but i'm getting better. i did it in a dish instead of a muffin pan and it turned out great! i also made ricotta herb pasta that was just so-so, but i could eat those potatoes every day!



this week i decided to put more effort into my lunches. since i work at home and am alone during the day, i often half-ass my lunches or don't eat at all. special k cereal, soup or crackers with cheese is not going to appear this week. i planned out some meals went grocery shopping for all sorts of things to keep my taste buds occupied this week. today i had meatless greek pita sandwiches. i am also going to make a pie! wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

springtime in paris...

why yes, i am hard at work today... why do you ask?

ebay find: marni sandals

every season i love the shoes that marni comes out with. they're quirky and modern but always feel down to earth in a way. these are a fantastic pair in size 38.5.

bid on them: current bid $275