Monday, March 31, 2008

one happy girl

What's in the bag?
whatcha got in that bag?

What's in the box?

whatcha got in that box?


ta-da! my new foot love!

Love my new shoes!

Love my new shoes!

Love my new shoes!

jon and i stopped in at one of my favourite stores here, jonathan + olivia, on sunday heading back from buying groceries and an unsuccessful attempt at going to see a loft/condo. it was super busy but i happened to notice that they got in the acne shoes i've been lusting after. i didn't get a chance to try them on, but my apprehensions about the shoes (i was concerned that the leather might be too stiff) were proved wrong. They were nice and buttery soft. I was going to buy them off acne's website because they would end up being a bit cheaper, but they sold out of size 37 which I found out I needed today. usually i'm a 38 but was sliding all around in them when i tried them on. i wanted to be sure they would look good with dresses so i tried them on with what i think was this zero maria cornejo dress.

zero maria cornejo s08

i am so happy with them, i just have to decide which polish colour...

What polish?

oh- and i'm banned from buying anything until i pay these off, so no tangerine jeans for me.


Post Boxes
post boxes in blaine

we took a little trip down to the states on saturday. it was sunny and mild in vancouver when we left. i in my motorcycle jacket and short sleeve plaid isabel marant top, jeans and suede oxfords and jon in jeans and a t-shirt w/spruce hoody and canvas adidas sneakers. totally unprepared for what was about to happen. half way to bellingham it was lightly snowing. we didn't think anything of it because it snowed in vancouver earlier in the week but melted away within an hour. it got heavier. huge fluffy sticky flakes. by the time we got to bellingham it was a full-blown blizzard! i'm sure almost a foot of snow on the ground and very slippery roads. this is pretty unusual for the west coast to get snow at this time of year, i think. after getting something to eat at jack in the box (the requisite foreign fast food stop) we decided to head back because the snow was not letting up.

these are some pictures half way back from bellingham as i was too busy trying to keep warm and avoid getting my feet and shoes soaked in the bellingham blizzard to bring out my camera!



What to do with a bowl full of lemons?

any idea what to bake with about 12 lemons? i bought them for a nice center piece for our second open house, and now i have no idea what to do with them... any suggestions??

polyvore + tangerine jeans

I decided to join polyvore to work out my coloured jeans conundrum... i foresee this to be addicting, oui?

Friday, March 28, 2008

more questionable choices?

Acne Jeans Niara WedgesAcne Jeans Niara Wedges
ok.. work with me here... don't these say "i'm a cool swedish girl" but that swedish girl probably bought these shoes at a thrift store for 10 euros instead of from acne jeans for $500.... but... but... think spring with black ribbed sheer sock and oooh! bright tights! and barefoot in the summer.... huh huh?? plus, they're wedges- easy to walk in!

y-3 tent shirty-3 tent shirt

I love how the sleeves on this y-3 shirt are so tight compared to the oversized tent-like proportions of the body... cute with skinny jeans! right?!

the coloured denim conundrum

ksubi tangerine jeans backksubi tangerine jeans

am i crazy for pondering the purchase of coloured denim? i know it's been around for a little while now... well, "revived" for a little while, but for some reason red, blue, yellow, purple jeans haven't grabbed me as much as these tangerine tsubi-sorry- ksubi ones. am i crazy? that isn't a rhetorical question- i really want to know! i wore coloured jeans in my youth so is it a case of "if you've done it once don't do it again" or am i too old for this kind of stuff? part of me is thinking they would look amazing with shades of grey...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

rain? what rain?

even though it's raining right now all i can think about is wearing sandals. i love these phillip lim for tatami 'iris' sandals from la garconne. same kind of footbed as a birkenstock but they seem more feminine with the ankle strap and slender criss-cross straps. the yellow is cheery and they are pretty well priced at $156.

lars and the real girl

i'm not a huge movie buff. i don't know directors and barely actors and don't really keep up on what movies are coming out and all that. jon and i watched this the other night and i thoroughly enjoyed it. it was funny and touching and ryan gosling did such a good job. i really enjoyed the costumes too- those sweaters that lars wore were awesome! along with his western style puffer that i'm pretty sure my dad had in the 70s or 80s.

a.p.c. summer

APC Summer

some new pieces are up on apc's site but i'm still not convinced i'm going to buy any of it this spring/summer. nothing really intrigues me. i think partly it's because i prefer shopping for fall clothing than spring or summer. i like all the layering and textures and boots of fall. i'm sure i'll come around once the weather warms up here.

ebay find: pierre hardy cube heels

half size too big for me! dang it! these are the same heels i'm considering ordering from aloha rag, except these have a purple cube. a great starting price! size 38.5

bid on them: current bid $25

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ebay find: yohji yamamoto necklace

check this cool yohji yamamoto necklace on ebay! there isn't much of a description, but it says that they are wooden cube beads. it almost looks like they are covered in fabric, but probably not... the wooden box is cool too... do i smell a d.i.y.??

got money to blow? bid on it: listed at $426

Saturday, March 15, 2008

rick owens has restored my faith...

Picture 1Picture 3

jon forwarded me this article from the new yorker because he knows i love rick owens. the article was just what i needed- i knew that owens was american in paris, but what i didn't know was that he spent some time designing knock-offs in la! there is hope for me yet!! i don't design knock-offs per se but my work is less than inspiring, leaving me pretty creatively unfulfilled. It has made me contemplate a career in anything but the fashion industry. that little tidbit of information has restored my hope and faith that there might be something more for me in this industry...give me a job rick?

also, he's set to open a store in new york! fantastic! less kilometers to travel!

Picture 4Picture 5

Picture 7Picture 6

some images from rick owens' website

Friday, March 14, 2008

keep away...

oh no...these cute rachel comey sandals are awful tempting (i like the white), but I just need to remind myself of what they will do to my feet...

new from impulse

Thursday, March 13, 2008

victor pasmore

i found this artist through grijs. this is the kind of art i could see in my home. abstract and minimal with some hand drawn elements. i like the colours he uses.

tote bag

Land's End Monogram Totes

i've decided that a big canvas tote will be purchased by me in late spring early summer. it seems like a classic staple. i got interested when i saw one in an apartment therapy house tour oddly enough. it got me searching and comparing totes from various preppy online retailers and i ended up liking the land's end ones best. they are cheap and you can get them monogrammed, which i might- just with my first initial. not only will it be a great beach and market bag, but also good for storing sweaters and accessories in my closet during the winter months.



i loved this collaboration between elisabeth dunker and port2port press called levitate/sväva, as soon as i saw it a couple weeks ago (can't remember who's blog) unfortunately the print i like best is sold out, but there are still two different ones available from the shop for $200 each.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ebay score- undercover dress

i don't buy stuff as often on ebay anymore, because i can rarely get a good deal. especially on vintage. in this case i managed to pick up this lacey and transparent undercover dress for a great deal! i just have to figure out what to wear under it. i really wanted something filmy and feminine to wear with more masculine things like engineer boots and my motorcycle jacket. i'm still looking for a floral dress for that same effect, but this one was too great to pass up.

Undercover Dress

Monday, March 10, 2008

ebay find: bottega veneta clutch

i love this bottega veneta bag/clutch with the metal closure (see the auction-what do you call those things?) there's something about woven leather that just gets me every time.

bid on it: current bid $112.50
hurry! ends at 12:25am pdt

open house!



over the past couple of weeks jon and i have been busting our asses trying to get the house ready to show. all the while i have a tight deadline with work and have been working 12-14 hours a day, my grandmother was in the hospital and later passed away, and i got sick (and still am)- probably from the stress. we had painters come in for a week (while i was working surrounded in a fortress of books and crap, and later down at the kitchen table) to paint the entire place including the sleeves of our coats.

we never realized how much stuff we had until we had to "de-clutter" for the open house to get that sought after "un-lived-in" look. the high points are that...

1. we finally got rid of the ugly matte blue paint upstairs

2. the house has never been so clean (my parents came to help us clean!)

3. the house has never been so organized

we ended up getting some "staging furniture" from ikea that we intend to return later! hehehe... we got a rug and coffee table for the living room and new dining chairs for the table.

offers are slated to come in tonight so wish us luck!


my work area has never been this clean- just don't open the drawers!

acne jeans

i haven't checked out their web shop in a while, and of course i found some items to drool over...

Acne Jeans HeelsAcne Jeans Heels

alek heels...i love the wrinkly looking leather and the toe detail...

Acne JeansAcne Jeans

aria tank...i have a bit of a weakness for racer back tank tops and i love the way this one gathers at the back...

Acne Jeans

play trouser... i'm liking the slightly dropped crotch and narrow leg