Sunday, January 27, 2008

an apc filled day

today i finally got my mustard apc dress! it took forever to come and sadly i got dinged by customs. the weather her was very schizophrenic today- in the city it was sunny and chilly, but a 15 minute drive away it was blizzard conditions! we ended up walking up main street to go window shopping. i found a pair of white apc ribbed tights at eugene choo for $24 so i scooped them up. i don't have any white tights yet, so i thought it would be a good addition. i was also hoping they would have the space-dyed apc sweater with pockets-and they did- but only in xs which was soooo tiny.


i looove the colour- it's a huge departure for me, but i think it will look fantastic with many different shoe options- especially my black patent repetto zizi's.


also, i'm in vegas for work this week so probably no posts. i don't like vegas and can't wait until i get home.

Friday, January 25, 2008


i had the idea to make a pair of mittens with some scrap wool i had left over from my x-mas stockings. they are pretty silly looking when they are on my hands. i made the opening a bit tight, so i had to leave a little bit of the seam open. i used some leather which i cut into a strip and stitched it onto the glove with a little half-circle piece of wool. i went to one of my favorite antique stores that i know has a lot of vintage buttons and found these gems! they are perfect and kind of have a scandinavian feel to them. and they were on sale! a really easy project that took about 10 minutes to make (not including going to find the buttons!)




silver sneakers

i had a half day off yesterday so i was able to go out and get some things done. i wore the apc dress i bought in paris for the first time with an olive h&m long sleeve tee, grey ribbed tights, a black scarf, and my zara isabel marant look-alike boots - with my apc trench of course because it's still cold here! i'm still trying to figure out the best way to take pictures of myself.


cam-whoring in front of the bright light- i know, i'm a dork.

while i was out i found the silver sneakers at nine west. not only were they on sale, but they had an additional discount of 25%! soldes! soldes! soldes! if you bought two pairs of sale shoes you got an extra 40% off (instead of 25%, which I got) but I didn't see any others I wanted. If they had the gladiator wedges pictured in my other post, I would gladly participate in the additional 40% off. Sales like that are tricky- I know what they're trying to do- they're trying to get me to buy something I don't need or don't want just because of the extra discount. you don't fool me nine west! but thank-you for the cheap shoes.



i don't really like the colour of the laces so I might change them to white.

curls curls curls

i've decided to stop fighting my curls. i have naturally curly hair and usually after a shower i pull it all back in a pony tail which makes it straight. when i'm more ambitious or going out i straighten it. those days are over! well, i might straighten it for a special occasion or something, but now i just straighten my bangs, which i :::have::: to or else i look like hermie from rudolf the red nosed reindeer with a serious cowlick. now i follow the same routine after i wash my hair: aveda brilliant damage control spray, aveda volumizing tonic at the roots and bangs, blowdry and straighten bangs, sometimes john masters organics dry hair nourisher and defrizzer oil on the ends if my hair is feeling dry, and now instead of straightening cream I run aveda be curly curl control through and air dry! it sounds complicated but its really easy and i love the results.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

playing with dolls

thanks to tommy i joined and i'm now addicted. i can't read a damn thing, but it's not too hard to figure out. you design "yourself" and get a basic wardrobe of jeans, a few tops and black heels. every time you upload pictures from your "real" wardrobe, you get a piece of clothing for your doll version and "money" to spend on clothes that other people are selling. it's silly, i know. but it's so addicting! join and add me: code name stelthmode

Monday, January 21, 2008

nine west

i don't usually buy expensive shoes for some reason. mostly because i can't afford the ones i like (hello, studded louboutin booties) i think the most expensive ones i own are my alaia ballet flats which i got for 60% off (or else i could never afford them) my shoes are mostly a mixture of vintage (oxfords, riding boots, suede ankle boots), semi-affordable (repetto, frye, rachel comey) and zara or nine west. i've really been loving some of the shoes nine west has to offer lately. i find that they usually fit me quite well and are pretty comfortable, and affordable! they also have really great sales, which is how i got 2 pairs for less than the price of one the last time i bought some there! here's what i desperately want right now:

heathers $89

sulliban $89

heech $93

alvin $82

Saturday, January 19, 2008

abominable bumble

i've been so cold lately that i could really appreciate these pieces for the warmth they would provide. lately i've taken to wearing a fleece blanket as a cape. it will be all over the runway for next fall.

bless mega hood

ann demeulemeester fur scarf

"when's spring?" asks the bumble

Friday, January 18, 2008

a.p.c. spring 08

just what i need when i'm broke! a.p.c. spring is here! i haven't decided what i want yet. the wide cross over leather sandals are very chloe, but i still like them.

apc spring 08apc spring 08

apc spring 08apc spring 08

i like this block necklace
a.p.c. spring 08

and this yellow chain bag (or maybe the blue? i'm not sure)
a.p.c. spring 08

sandal comparison. personally i like the chloe ones better (perhaps because of the topstitching and gummy 70s sole) and they're cheaper!

Picture 5Picture 9

Thursday, January 17, 2008

sketch journal

i got a red moleskin day planner for x-mas (i really wanted one!) but i realized that i am not much of a day planner person, and i don't like writing a journal. so i have turned my little chubby book into a sketch journal. i planned to sketch something every day to fill up the pages, but it hasn't exactly worked. i'm not very good at doing something every day, which is why i often forget to take my vitamins. so i guess i will have to sketch extra pages today. also, i like using the lined pages to sketch on because they aren't as intimidating as blank ones. i don't feel as bad making a stupid or ugly sketch because of the lines. i have many pretty journals and sketch books (a beautiful brown leather one from jon in particular) that i am afraid to use because i feel like the sketches have to be perfect!

Red Moleskin Dayplanner

Monday, January 14, 2008


i finally was able to frame my bear print from etsy seller nuitblanche this week after jon picked up a frame from ikea for me. i bought a mat cutter a while back because i had so many prints from etsy to frame. i've become pretty good at cutting my own, which i'm sure has saved me a lot of money. nuitblanche is an illustration student from hamburg, germany.

Framed NuitBlanche Print

i also really like the mandragora dolls she makes

Sunday, January 13, 2008

surf des neiges

this is a record for me. 6 hours of snowboarding in 3 days. on friday night we went to a local mountain, our first day of the season. it was super foggy, but still managed to be fun. today we went up to whistler where the weather was a bit better- clear skies at the top, foggy mid-mountain. somebody needs to come up with a colour changing goggle lense that adjusts to the light.

i took a personal risk of looking lame on the hill and learned to ride switch. i've been snowboardiing for a long time but never bothered to learn how to ride switch because i was too scared-it feels so awkward and i always catch an edge and eat shit. it's like learning how to snowboard all over again the other way. well, today with jon's help, i finally learned and it feels good to learn something new! i did eat shit a lot but i kept trying and i can link turns (slowly) now.







we waited around for sushi village to open, where we had some of our delicious favorites.

Sushi Village

Sushi Village

Saturday, January 12, 2008

chloe ss08 shoes

though i have a fondness for the girly and feminine chloe of yesteryear, i really like the surprising departure that chloe took under the helm of paulo melim andersson- especially the shoes. i'm definitely lusting over the black ones, which you can pre-order at luisaviaroma.

Friday, January 11, 2008

renovation inspiration

i was really inspired by a recent post at design*sponge showing alyson fox's renovated kitchen. we have plans to renovate our kitchen and were thinking about bright red lacquer/gloss cabinets. i love the way alyson's kitchen uses red cabinets with a combination of wood, carbon metal steel backsplash, exposed shelves and stainless appliances.

with exposed shelves you definitely have to have some nice or interesting tableware. i am really in love with mud australia's ceramic collection. i would pick white, ash (grey) and an occasional safari (olive).

i think they would look great with our new flatware (hint hint!!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


it almost snowed last night in the city, so the snow line on the mountains is really low now. it got me thinking of walking through the snow in these russian felted boots. valenkids make traditional russian boots made seamless from felted sheep's wool. You can buy them with rubber shoes that the felt boots slip into, or with an attached rubber sole. I know some might think these are ugly (like my boyfriend) but i think they are neat, and make me wish i was in snowy scandinavia.

Valenkids Russian felted boots

Valenkids Russian felted boots


i have a weakness for toys. mostly stuffed toys and vinyl toys. i've been holding off going to one of our local toy stores voltage because i'm broke, but i really want these:

treeson set

yokoso nohohon hokkaido

and since jon won't let me get a real rabbit, a nabaztag!