Thursday, December 4, 2008


i heart my new camera.

my giant safety pin is so heavy it's kind of stretched out my cowl! time to knit another one.

i decided it needed my brown fur scarf.


Two of a pair
his and hers black boots. we try not to coordinate, but sometimes it just happens by mistake.

last night we went to get ramen and gyoza and pretended we were in japan. i felt like this outfit needed a fur vest... i've been on the hunt for so long, but the perfect one hasn't popped up yet.


Yayer said...

nice boots. are those from japan? i've been craving work boots. i'm so pissed i threw away the daytons i had when i was in college.

i was kinda laughing b/c i was craving a burger today and went to in & out. and when the girl who took my order turned around, i noticed the giant giant sized safety pin like yours (sans charm). haha. they use it to hold their apron together.

i don't know if you can see them in the photo:

life . style . dissected said...

what kind of camera did you get??
i am looking in to getting a new one.

great jacket!


-h of candid cool said...

im a sucker for black boots.

is that the jacket you re-dyed?

and nice kitchen too.

Brigadeiro said...

LOVE ramen & gyoza! Cool camera & pics! Also adore the boots & jacket! :)

The Frocker said...

Why don't you try making a vest? You seem pretty handy in the sewing department...

thesearchforchic said...

Those boots are GREAT, what are they?
And you look fantastic great layering..

I love your camera too.. I really want a new much did you pay? I really have no clue on them.

escritora said...

i love, love, love your jacket :)

escritora said...

uu, and camera is fantastic!

erica said...

fur vest? definitely! i love all the layers, and i am right this minute throwing dirty looks at my digital camera. time for a new one!

pigeon.toed said...

i love your jacket and fur scarf!

ramen is the best on a cold night.

Stephanie said...

yayer- my boots (ones on left) are from a thrift store. jon got his in japan. i really like the texture of his. that is so funny about the safety pin at in & out! fashion inspirations in the strangest places!

lsd- i got a canon rebel xs. its the same as the xsi except for less megapixels and slightly smaller display. i'm not a professional or anything, so this is a great camera for me!

-h: no, this jacket is my coated denim drkshdw one.

brig: thanks! we got some frozen gyoza the other day so we're going to test it out to see how good it is.

frocker- i considered it. i have a source for mongolian lamb pelts, and i've also looked at a lot of faux fur, but i think it will be costlier to make it myself than fine a vintage one- at least in the case of real fur, where i would rather buy vintage than buy a new pelt.

tsfc- mine are vintage/second hand. i believe they are called roper boots? i think they have something to do with horseback riding. last year i really wanted a pair because i liked the fringey flap on the toe.

i don't know a whole lot about digital cameras, but i got a canon (rebel xs) because i liked the way it fit in my hands. nikons are good too, but i found them to be a bit awkward as far as button placement. the canon eos 50d (£1,041.93) is supposed to be really good, but its too expensive for me, as is the nikon d90 (£704.62)which is also supposed to be good. my friend got a canon powershot g10 (£359.10) which is from my understanding kind of a hybrid between a full slr and a compact. he really likes it. i can't find the one i got on, but i found the xsi, which is one step up from mine for £600.03.

escritora- thanks!

erica- thanks, haha- i know. i was getting to that point after seeing so many beautiful photographs, especially from sandra at smosch (

pigeon.toed- thanks! my ramen had collagen in the broth so i like to think it was somewhat of a beauty treatment too ;)

diary-109 said...

wow I absolutely LOVE your jacket/outfit! i swear it deserves to be in one of those fashion blogs with pics of cool outfits. Like the satorialist.. not sure how you spell it.

and nice boots! I have that type, styled boots! except mine are y's! and guys tell me they look like mens boots. ;(

Stephanie said...

diary-109- aw you're so sweet. you should post pictures on your blog! i would love to see the boots

E. said...

Hey! Your hair looks amazing! What did you do? I see some highlights?

Stephanie said...

E- thanks, i got highlights in september before i left for japan. i was apprehensive but they look very natural.