Tuesday, December 30, 2008


hello! last night we went to the nutcracker with my parents. i have never been to a ballet before. it was very cool. i went to an arts-based highschool so i have seen many dances before, but not ballet. we had pretty good seats and could see all the dancers sweat. i was getting tired just watching them! the tutus were amazing.

luckily it wasn't as cold out today, the snow is almost melted, so i could get away with a dress. my coat (faux fyi) was toasty enough to keep me warm all night. my boots definitely got a lot of stares- i love staring at them too!




coat- vintage
dress- vanessa bruno
tights- wolford (love em!)
boots- louboutin

also, i have a new blog on my list to the left- whippet snippets. i'm obsessed with their dogs.


WendyB said...

Oh my God, you have THOSE boots. I love them! I tried them on once but they just didn't fit right :-(

Jessica said...

If your dress was more colorful and your hair straighter and your coat longer, you'd be like Margot Tenenbaum. I need a Margot coat..

-h of candid cool said...

id stare that your shoes too. they are amazing.

roxanne said...

great outfit, i can understand the stares!

lisa said...

love that coat, so cool that is is vintage and faux! and of course, the boots are too die for!

PrincessImp. said...

If I had those boots I would stare at them too! You are so lucky...have a happy new year!

WhippetSnippets said...

Hiya, thanks for the link love! We dig your eye for style and are linking to you too so we can stay up to date on the niceties of life. We whippets love nice things. Happy 2009! Look forward to reading more.

Stephanie said...

wendyb- that's too bad :( unfortunately i got mine a bit big and wear them with insoles, which is probably in the best interest of my feet anyway!

jessica- haha, true, the coat is very margot-ish.

-h: thanks- i should really keep them out instead of hiding in their box.

roxanne: thanks. it felt good to dress up a bit. i don't know why people don't dress up anymore- even to a ballet!

lisa- i know, so rare. its a really nice faux fur too, which is so hard to find.

princessimp: thanks and happy new year too!

whippetsnippets: thanks! i have you on my feed reader now so i won't miss any cute whippet pictures or stories. keep up with the videos! i love seeing the guys in action.

it's Fashion Fever said...

wow I love those booties!!!

erin lynne said...

every time you take a picture i wish i could see your face better. i like being able to put a face to the name. i get the feeling that you're a really pretty girl with, obviously, great style.