Monday, December 22, 2008


lately i've been getting interested in adding things to my wardrobe other than clothing (and shoes). namely lingerie and jewelry. i discovered journelle tonight. seriously. i want one of everything. i think a good outfit can feel so much better with something pretty underneath.

elle macpherson $130

bodas $121

chantelle $105

guia la bruna $251

fleur t $122

fleur t $98

3 east 17th street
new york, ny


erica said...

i have a friend who is obsessed with lingerie, and although i don't feel quite the same way, i definitely wish i had prettier undergarments.

the right underthings definitely can make you feel amazing, and sometimes that's all you need.

i hope your holidays are wonderful! i'll be thinking of you and your shopping expeditions when we're in paris....

The Divinitus said...

chantelle oh la la ... i want...

-h of candid cool said...

this is potentially dangerous link for me.
im becoming even more obsessed with lingerie, and i want to start collecting jewelry.

Wallis said...

hi i have been reading yuor blog for a long time and wanna say hi to you! i love those lingerie and "princess tam tam" is my favourite!!!

Stephanie said...

erica- have fun in paris! can't wait to see your pictures (and purchases ;)

divinitus- that one is my favorite i think

-h: me too. lingerie and jewelery now too. i want to get a bigger ring collection. i only have one at the moment and it's made from felt!

wallis- thanks! i love princess tam tam too!

bellethellama said...

I recently went on a lingerie shopping binge in anticipation of my honeymoon--it is so much fun to wear really frilly lingerie.

While it's not cheap, I would check out Wundervoll--I bought a convertible silk bra from them and it's HEAVEN, and the perfect "hanging around" bra as it's casual but quite sexy.

Loving your blog--would love to trade links!