Saturday, December 27, 2008


i hope everyone had a great holiday, whichever you celebrate (or don't). i got some great gifts this christmas, and couldn't resist doing a little shopping of my own. although i will be honest, i've been trying to resist all the sale action on now and stick to my 'list'. i almost succumbed to a black eres bikini on major sale at holts today, but seriously, i didn't even wear a bathing suit once last year. and i was reminded why trying on a bathing suit is so horribly terrifying. that light. those mirrors. ugh. i guess that money could go towards a gym membership instead of a bikini.

here's what i've been up to:

First NHL game in over 10 years
i went to a hockey game with my mom and brother. yes. my mom and brother are hockey freaks. my brother played on a junior team (and has friends in the nhl) until he decided to go to university. it was an interesting night. it kind of felt like a cultural experience. another culture.

Mostly unsuccessful ginger cookies
i tried to make ginger cookies. operative word being tried. it must have been the recipe, i swear. only about 8 were edible. i was trying to copy my favorite cookie at starbucks (the only reason i have for ever going there, as i don't drink coffee) but i was largely unsuccessful.

Still snowing!
its been snowing like crazy here over the holidays. i've lived in vancouver for 26 years and i've never seen it this bad (haha- jon) but seriously, i haven't seen this much snow here since i was little and my brother and i made snow tunnels for us and our dog.


Snowy forest
view out of jon's parents window on christmas day

Map close-up
in addition to my new camera (a combined birthday/christmas present) jon also got me this really great map of paris from the late 1800s. look ma! no eiffel tower!

New sunglasses
my mom got me these raybans that i've been wanting for forever.

New lense
new lense from my dad

Purple Polish
some purple polish from santa. from l to r: catherine the grape, lincoln park after dark, midnight in moscow. can't wait to get this on my nails.

And then there were three...
chocolate is always good.

Small Garden 1
a book to help me plan out the patio garden
Small Garden 2
Small Garden 3

Fragiles 1
lovely book on ceramics and porcelain
Fragiles 2
Fragiles 3
Fragiles 4


escritora said...

beautiful winter and great presents :)

i like your blog, so i link you (if you don't mind)

raq said...

you have the best christmas gifts ever! and i really adore the pictures you take (:

Carlene said...

I love that map. Dude, those are my ray-bans! Are they gunmetal? I wanted them forever also, and finally got them last year. I don't think mine are dark enough, I like yours better.

erica-knits said...

I went to hockey game as well. It's part of our "national duty", no? My cousin played in the junior leagues as well. What great presents you've received! Happy holidays!

-h of candid cool said...

the snowed out trees looks so unreal. i cant even imagine!
cool name: "midnight in moscow" i like when products have interesting names, it makes me like them even more.
and those black ceramic pieces are fascinating.
happy holidays!

Marina said...

Catherine The Grape & Lincoln Park After Dark are my favourites. Lincoln Park is always a nice alternative to black, I think.
I saw the Vancouver winters on the news, it looks crazy. A girl I work with said the same thing about it.

Joanna Goddard said...

love the sunglasses! very rad.

tokyobanhbao said...

great presents!!and the map of paris so surprising!;-)hope you'll have a wonderful year 2009!;-)

Stephanie said...

escitora- beautiful but soo cold! i'm kind of glad to see the snow go. i've had enough! thanks for the link!

raq- thanks!

carlene- they are black frame with grey (i think? or maybe its g-15) lense. i wanted polarized lenses but i couldn't find them anywhere except online.

erica-i saw that on your blog! haha- it is our national duty. happy holidays to you too!

-h: i know, i'm a sucker for names and packaging.

maria: i've been craving dark purple nail polish all fall! the snow is finally starting to melt away!

joanna- thanks! they are such classics. even my dad had a pair back in the day.

tokyobanhbao- thanks and you too!

WhippetSnippets said...

I thought I was the only one who went to Starbucks for their baked goods! I'm addicted to their pumpkin scones.

Lynne said...

These are a really great bunch of presents - I always end up getting things I don't like. Love the map - I just bought a 1960s map off ebay and can't wait to get it.