Tuesday, December 30, 2008

couch shopping

we almost bought a couch today. i blogged a while back about my dream sofa(s), having not sit on either. well since then i have sat, and loved even more. you can see below the jane (top) and carter (bottom). i prefer the jane because as i discovered you can actually flip the extended part to either side which is pretty cool. so if we move or want to switch things up we're not stuck with a left only or a right only sectional.

Gus Modern Jane
Gus Modern Carter

we're just not quite sure what to do yet... to buy or not to buy?


Jeana Sohn said...

that's so funny! we just saw the second couch yesterday and loved it sooooo much. we thought about buying it but dining table was first. haha. it was comfy and modern. we want to get it next year for sure.

amap22 said...

please buy it so i can live vicariously through you

lisa said...

love this first one...and it is so important to be able to flip, it happened to us when we moved and it did not fit in our new room...happy new year!!!
xoxo from las vegas

Anna at D16 said...

You know, I had been considering a sofa from Gus until I read the comments about the quality on Apartment Therapy and elsewhere. Apparently it's sub-IKEA level at a much higher price point. I was bummed, because I really really love the F.Knoll-ness of this sofa!

Stephanie said...

jeana- i love it too

amap22- haha, we'll see.

lisa- i know! i was very surprised/happy to learn that. happy new year to you too!

anna- i'm so sad to hear that as well! i thought we had found the perfect sofa! have you found anything else with the same look anywhere else? i guess my problem is there doesn't seem to be a lot of places here in canada that has sofas in the style we like, unless they're like 10 grand. :(

Lynne said...

I love this - I am desperate to find a buttoned sofa. There's a gorgeous grey one a bit like this at Jonathan Adler - it's the one I really want (except can't get it in the UK.)

Sara Boulter said...

Where can i get these couches?!

Stephanie said...

Sara, you can buy them from 2modern.com, www.modernkaribou.ca, www.matthewizzo.com and in person at koolhaus in vancouver. I'm sure there are other online sites too!