Monday, November 17, 2008



i have the best boyfriend. i wasn't interested in braving the h+m x comme product drop on thursday, but jon went down on his lunch break to check out some things for himself and picked up the dropped crotch pants for me.

i wore them today under this junya watanabe skirt i got in japan. another ragtag purchase. i love that store.

iro leather jacket
mociun t-shirt
junya skirt
comme x h+m
y's boots
topshop bag


Brigadeiro said...

Looking great! Love how you built your outfit, and what a sweet boyfriend!

-h of candid cool said...

i like that sweater/jacket you're wearing. and i wish i could see the boots better, but they look incredible.

also it's nice to hear that this collection has been more civilized than previous ones which sold out entirely in 5 minutes or something. it's nice that your bf was able to just drop by on his lunch break and pick something up. i think that's the way it should be.

Stephanie said...

brig: thanks! he's the best.

-h: thanks, the boots are the y's ones i got in japan. i read on tfs how crazy some of the stores were. i'm not sure how mad ours was at opening, but jon said he got the last pair of drop crotch and nothing else was left besides the basic button-ups and sweaters. i guess i shouldn't be surprised that it was all gone, as the trend seems to be people buy up a lot of it to sell on ebay.

skelemitz said...

I love your style.
Thats a great skirt, I am trying to figure out how it works....

Stephanie said...

skelemitz- thanks. i'm actually wearing it backwards. the zippers are supposed to go in the back, but i like them better in the front.

Yayer said...

Wow was it really mad in Van? I went to LA the following day and there was nada. They told me it sold out in 2 hours and people were going mad and then doing trades. Like grabbing things they didn't want for bargaining purposes later. Haha.