Tuesday, November 25, 2008


we bought a massive storage system from ikea and it's just about fully stocked, so we actually have no moving boxes left! we also got a huge mirror that i'm quite happy about. no more running to the bathroom to see my outfit.

whoopty doo tarantula town!

we also put this book shelf above our closet/sewing room. i organized the books by colour (except the travel ones on the end), because isn't that the only way they look great?! i just love seeing books organized by colour.


we're planning on installing a felt sliding barn-style door to cover the door opening. we removed the original door, and now we're stuck with it out on our patio. i don't know if we should get rid of it because it might be good to put it back on when we sell the place down the road. but then again i don't want to be stuck looking at a door on my patio.


DUSKIN said...

love home decorating...so much joy.

raq said...

i actually feel rather stupid saying this but i was wondering, if your large mirror was those positioned in a corner and not drilled in, you could actually place your door behind the mirror... if it's larger than the mirror, it could be a 'border' of sorts, and if vice versa, the mirror'd just hide it...

la femme said...

Ooh, I like the organizing by colour idea for books.