Tuesday, November 18, 2008

something strange is coming over me

it all started with this page out of so-en magazine in tokyo.

so-en magazine

then the raf simons store in tokyo... we saw it at night and it's so stunning.

Raf Simons store Tokyo
Raf Simons store Tokyo

and then boudicca's new perfume, wode
Boudicca Wode perfume

which led me to do some dying last night.



i think i need to knit some legwarmers...


UNIFORM Studio said...

just fantastic.
I've been doing some mottled dying lately too. More muted though-I love the contrast of these.

Magpie said...

wow these are soo cool! how did you do it? I have never dyed anything so I haven't a clue! x

pigeon.toed said...

i love how the shirt turned out!

i want to do this! do you have any suggestions on dies and method?

Carlene said...

I love this. LOVE this so much. Would you consider selling me one? I will beg.

WendyB said...

The t-shirt is great!

janice said...

wow, how did you dye those?? dyeing newbie here, too~

-h of candid cool said...

i like how your tie dye doesnt look like tie dye, it looks like a storm.
you should be selling those shirts, because you did a phenomenal job!

the raf simons store looks incredible. i wish my closet could look like a shop.

Anthea said...

AHHHH I can't wait..am leaving for Japan in two and a half weeks !!!! Thanks for featuring this

Joanna Goddard said...


SOS! said...

Love the editorial, blue looking blood!

Top bird said...

Brilliant - nice splattered theme going there. xx

fashionchronicles said...

that tee turned out really reaaallyyy good!!!
i'm so making one, i was thinking of doing that same thing on my white jeans...i think they'd look really cool
loved you blog!
(blogged about you! www.fashion-chronicles.com)

la femme said...

What a compilation.

Stephanie said...

thanks for all your comments! i learned tie dye in elementary school! it's really easy. you can google for some instructions.

i just bought a small powder dye from the fabric store (i can't remember the brand) just make sure that it is appropriate for the type of fabric you want to dye.

to get the look i did use a scrunching method rather than twisting, etc. form the fabric into a scrunched ball and put elastics around the outside to hold it all together and then dye.

Fashion Is Poison said...

these are all so great