Thursday, November 13, 2008

sleeker (house) style

i came across this article (probably via apartment therapy, i can't remember) from the los angeles times about the owner of a store in laguna beach, california called aris. he gives some tips for creating a sleeker style in your home using retail tricks. i really love retail design and merchandising myself, but never really thought about using elements from it in my home, besides the obvious stacking of pretty books and pretty objects.

Aris - LA Times

i l.o.v.e. that porcelain rhino. unfortunately it's $3,250 from nymphenburg porcelain. nymphenburg also has this amazing porcelain skull that is a bit cheaper ($430) but still expensive for a non-functional object that is 1" x 1.5" x 2" (!!!)

Aris - LA Times

i like this wall of (non) colour with the picture rails. i'd like to do this somewhere in our house.

Aris - LA Times

same idea here, except in his store. having one grey wall is nice i think. i also wouldn't mind having that bicycle (and dog)

Aris - LA Times

succulants are my favorite kind of plants because they are geometric and architectural in shape. i'll have to find out if succulants will survive outside in our climate.

we have a rather large patio (probably as big as half our living space) so i want to figure out what to do with it. i definitely want a bird feeder (or squirrel feeder, if they are brave enough to climb up here)


Brigadeiro said...

I have a lot of those succulent plants in my garden, they're great! And I agree, I love their shape! How I wish I had a large spacious house to decorate simply like in the photos above!

PS. I was going through some of your older posts, and I spotted my Dries Van Noten buckle sandals with the chunky heel! Well, they're exactly the same, and I've posted them several times in my blog:

pigeon.toed said...

i am in love!

Melissa said...

My new place has 2 balconies and I was dying to find some cute bird feeders...but then I found out that I wasn't allowed to have feeders of any kind!! WTF?? Apparently they don't want the poop of these animals to stain/damage the property. Seriously, some people! I'm envious that you can have feeders. I say get both! Especially the squirrel feeder!! How cute would that be??

-h of candid cool said...

when i saw these pictures i thought it was your new home.

i wish my home was set up like a store. i tried to do it slightly with my handbags. i love the set up of the 1st and second.

and im sure a white rhino can be found on the cheap

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg I loved that rhino, but when I read the price my jaw dropped to the table.
I love the simple sleek look of the way the books and boxes are piled on the shelves, will def. draw inspiration from that photograph (I hate clutter)

Yayer said...

I love succulents for the same reason, their shapes...not to mention they are so easy to care for. I am not sure if they do well outdoors in Vancouver temp zone. I know I have gone to the nursery to ask them if a Japanese maple will survive in San Diego and the lady said I could try but it definitely wouldn't look like one if I had it in Vancouver. She said I should just be happy I can have a Meyer Lemon tree on my patio.

Stephanie said...

brig: i love those dries sandals. oh how i wish i could have bought them on ebay :(

mel: very nice that you have two balconies! but sucks that you can't have birdfeeders! i'm kind of scared to get a nice one because its been so windy lately, i don't want it to fly off and break.

-h: i wish i could set up my closet like a store! unfortunately we don't have nearly enough room. i immediately did a search on ebay for a porcelain rhino. i found a few, but none had the same detail. i will keep looking!

diamonds: my jaw dropped too!

yayer- i love that they are easy to care for too! i don't have much of a green thumb. ooh a japanese maple is a great idea. i forgot all about those. my parents have one at their house and it's really beautiful when it changes colour in the fall. i love all the lemon trees in southern california!