Tuesday, November 11, 2008

purchase 3

New Sweater

i love my new (to me) yohji yamamoto noir+ sweater. i got it at ragtag (the second hand store) in shibuya. it was the first thing i bought in japan. it's kind of like an alien, with two sleeves (short and long) and it can be worn so many different ways. its my new favorite thing in my wardrobe for sure. i'm wearing it with no sleeves (more like a cowl scarf) in the picture above.

New Sweater

this is what it looks like flat.

New Sweater

the sleeves are really long.

New Sweater
this is how i like to wear it right now- with the real neckline around my waist and the longer part around my neck.

i want more multi-functional pieces like this!


Brigadeiro said...

LOVE your Yohji! I love multifunctinal items too, and this is just gorgeous! Great purchase!

Joanna Goddard said...

you are so chic!

la femme said...

nice sweater and sink!