Sunday, November 23, 2008




aren't these lights fantastic?! i really love the top one. the image is from the selby. i feel like there must be a way to rig up my own diy version somehow. the second one is from the conran shop and is over $2300. bah.

also, look what i found!!

they are $45 from sprout home. yay! i want the black one.

we had quite the weekend. ikea=stressful 24/7 nomatterwhat. add a trip to the emergency room for 4-5 hours, got home at 4am, back to ikea today to exchange some things. so tired.


Yayer said...

I love rhinos. I love that these enormously huge intimidating animals are vegetarians. Little cute baby ones are like 700 pounds. And Sprout Home is awesome. Found them in Chicago and then online. So rad.

Emergency room. Uh oh. Hope everything's ok.

DUSKIN said...

you could probably make your own lamp like the first one. get a bunch of ikea lamps like that and fasten them together..could be a cool DIY.

K.B. said...

oh no, the emergency room?! i hope you are okay!

and yes, ikea is alllllwwwwayyysss so crowded and hectic. sigh.

-h of candid cool said...

se lts are awesome

and the rhino!!! so oddly appealing

Joanna Goddard said...

the rhinos are awesome!