Monday, November 3, 2008

japan pt2

i think i'm just going to tell you about my trip based on the pictures i want to share. i will do one shopping post too, where i will show you what i bought and talk about some of my favorite shopping areas. shopping-wise, i basically went by superfuture's guide, and just discovered stores along the way. design*sponge just came out with a tokyo design guide right when i came back- this would have been great to have, as i would have liked to do more home shopping.

neckface in shibuya

hysteric glamour store in shibuya. really nice perfectly distressed jeans w/studs there :) too bad they were out of my budget. i really liked the store design. lots of natural wood.


mens store nano universe in shibuya. some nice basic house label stuff. super soft hoodies and nicely cut t-shirts for men. interesting wood treatment on the wall going down to the door.

Tokyo Metro
busy subway. i became pretty obsessed with the suica penguin.

shinjuku station south exit at night.

noodle restaurant w/ vending machine menu. i was apprehensive, but it was pretty tasty actually.

Manhole Cover
i loved the manhole covers. such attention to beauty.

Ginza department store I think...
they do exist!

wedding at yoyogi park shrine

yoyogi park

under-bridge eating in ginza. our clothes and hair smelled so yummy that night.

i don't know why i give these things my money...

hello space invader (harajuku)

fence outside tokyo hipsters club (harajuku)

the first few days we explored some of the different areas of tokyo (along with going to asakusa and gotemba). we went shopping in shibuya and harajuku. i really liked shibuya. there are parts of shibuya that are crazy sensory overload with neon signs, but then there are also parts that are more like back alleys that are less busy, with narrow streets packed with stores. In shibuya is where I discovered my first ragtag. ragtag sells second hand designer items (everything from tsumori chisato to comme des garcons, yohji yamamoto, balenciaga, etc.) after going to other locations (shinjuku, ginza) shibuya is by far the best location. i also discovered that i need to know the difference between ice coffee (yuck!!) and coke.

harajuku was pretty cool too, but seemed more streetwear focused. i did pop into apc, but nothing jumped out at me. there are a lot of multi-level stores, and a lot of stores below ground level. i also noticed a few places without signage, and with solid doors. when you walk down the door magically opens to reveal the store. a nice way to stay under the radar i guess. the highlight of harajuku for me was ann demeulemeester, where they had those killer lace-up boots and just about anything else you wanted to fondle from the current collection. such torture. we later returned to harajuku at the end of our trip to check out the newly opened topshop, as well as a department store called laforet.


Brigadeiro said...

Thanks for sharing! :) I love 'travelling vicariously' through others! Japan is one of the places I haven't been to yet...

(R)evolver74 said...

Space Invaders I can understand, but I still don't understand why Neck Face still exists......