Saturday, November 29, 2008

hello sunday

it was my birthday a few weeks ago and jon wanted to get me an iphone, but i decided i couldn't afford or justify the cost of the plan. so today we got me a brand new fancy camera. i decided on a canon eos rebel xs. i'm new to dslr so i don't need anything too crazy. i'm already super impressed with it.

Hello new camera

Hello new camera settings

New necklace
new necklace. i didn't like the chain that came with the pendant so i made my own from leather. bronze animal skulls is my new theme. haha.


Hanna said...

I love that necklace.

Fashion Is Poison said...

the at&t plan is really ridiculous, thanks to the gray market here iphones are hacked for tmobile. i'm really frugal when it comes to little things like that...

on the other hand, your camera took some beautiful pictures. i really like all 3 of them. and your necklace is great :)

la femme said...

happy birthday.

thesearchforchic said...

Happy birthday. =)

The camera is great.. I really have camera envy reading blogs with beautiful pictures! =P

The necklace is very cool.

escritora said...

i love this necklace.

-h of candid cool said...

the leather necklace suits it much better than a chain would.
and cute monkey

Top bird said...

Wow, nice present (and cool photos, too). A DSLR is on my Christmas wishlist this year. V. important for good blog pics! xx

Stephanie said...

thanks for the birthday wishes- i love the little bird skull, i just wish it was bigger :)

fip: our plans up in canada are THE WORST. the cheapest iphone plan we have is $60 and you only get 500mb of data!!

tsfc- i am so excited to try out all the different settings. i haven't used an slr camera since highschool!

topbird- the canon rebel xs was really reasonably priced for a dslr- the same price my little compact camera was 3 years ago!

Yayer said...

Happy Belated!

I so want a dslr. Have wanted one for a while but alas it's not in the budget. Will have to wait for some kind of windfall or "borrow" one from the photog dept at my husband's work.

I didn't realize how crazy the phone plans are in Canada these days. Phone companies in the US suck too but in different ways. International Long distance is much more expensive. It seems no one is ever happy with their service.

Brigadeiro said...

What beautifully crisp photos! Great present!