Thursday, November 27, 2008

buy nothing day

Buy Nothing Day

are you familiar with buy nothing day? if not, check it out here. will you be participating? it is friday (tomorrow) in north america and saturday internationally. these are supposedly the biggest shopping days of the year. i guess it would be black friday for the usa, which i hear is going to be much more mellow than years before. it was pretty disgusting hearing on the news that people were lining up at walmart at 5am and loading their shopping carts with stuff.

i would say the exception to buy nothing day would be buying local/independent/handmade. i think that's ok in my books.

it seems a lot of fashion bloggers are kind of reassessing their needs vs. wants or going on shopping bans, or just trying to spend more consciously. i think this is a great trend.

also, another interesting thing: did you know that throwaway fashion that can't be recycled makes up 30% of britain's landfills? that's pretty crazy. read here.


-h of candid cool said...

almost all my days are buy nothing days so i dont understand the need to make a point not to shop on a specific day. but ive never had to do "real" holiday shopping anyway so im rather unaffected my the whole black friday thing.

i think those lining up at 4am black friday deals are only really worthwhile for electronics. i know the prices are ridiculously slashed at some places. and maybe even kid's toy too.

Fashion Is Poison said...

YES. i am so in for buy nothing day!i know...lining up at 5 WALMART. ughhh. i hate walmart for various reasons so it really makes me sick that people think it's great. anyway, i'm glad i have a computer, tv, dvd player and camera. so no i wil not be lining up anywhere! haha

WendyB said...

"Buy nothing" sure ain't going to help my life. Why don't they rename it "going out of business so we're all on unemployment" day?

Stephanie said...

-h: i think it is more of a response to those people (unlike you) who shop non-stop, or without rational thought, especially for christmas, which has arguably become (depending where you are from, your religious beliefs, etc.) all about consumerism. supposedily black friday is the big 'christmas shopping' day. we don't have black friday here in canada, i guess our day is 'boxing day' the day after christmas, where people line up all crazy for deals. but you are right about electronics: those are probably the best days to buy them if you need them.

fip: i've been trying so hard to delete all the emails i've been getting about online sales from different stores! must resist!

wendyb: yes, it saddens me to hear so many businesses (especially fashion companies, as that's the industry i work in) having to shut down. it makes me worrisome about my own job. i think it is important to support local and small businesses, which is what i hope to do this holiday season and in my everyday life.

erica said...

oh well, already bought something today! i decided to order a pair of maternity jeans from neiman marcus ($79 from $190).

i figured with free shipping and an extra discount, why not? it's one of those things that's difficult to buy local, independent, etc. plus, i don't have a sewing machine, so making my own pair wouldn't work.

i'm not a huge fan of 'buy nothing' days, though. the people who are lining up at best buy and walmart couldn't care less whether or not others are making a point about not shopping. more for them, right? ;)

throwaway fashion is what troubles me the most. this is why i rarely buy or post about h&m, zara, target, and the like. what a waste.

Joanna Goddard said...

that's awesome. i'm going to do taht for sure. xo

Yayer said...

I wish that people who were stampeding through the Walmart in Long Island were participating in Buy Nothing. They trampled a man to death. Disgusting. I hate Walmart.