Thursday, October 30, 2008

pretty things

here are some pretty things i've been looking at lately... been really home-centric since we moved in. only 16 more boxes to go, but still working on places to put things. once everything is organized i will post some pictures. i think my favorite part about the whole place is the windowsills. especially the one in the bedroom, because outside there is a really deep exterior windowsill, where i'm thinking of putting a little moss garden or flower box.

porcelain collie $195 from eden & eden

case study ceramic planter $149 from modernica

linen hamman towel €19.95 from le souk

bambu spoontulas $18 from branch



these pictures have had me daydreaming about a light coloured sofa with dark sheepskin... drool... i want an old fireplace like this in the next place i live. (pics from apartment therapy i think)


Anna at D16 said...

I never expected to want a porcelain collie, but now I do!

All of those house photos are in my inspiration file, too.

Top bird said...

Ah yes, I'm with you on the fireplace and dark sheepskin on a pale couch. Love the planters! xx

OC said...

Ditto what Anna said! Those photos are also saved on my computer!

Moving is probably the most tedious thing ever. What area did you manage to move in? I've been looking around Vancouver at the apartment listings so far and i'm debating if i should get my own place or wait a few more months to see if prices will go down.

WendyB said...

That collie is sooooo cute.

Fashion Pariah said...

You're back. I read your first post after getting back to Ca, i would love it hear more about your experience and what you realised so drop me an email when you have a spare moment.

I love the home inspiration pics, that white sofa with the black throw is awesome. I would totally have something like that in my house. Hows your move coming along, do you need to do any DIYing?

DUSKIN said...