Monday, September 22, 2008

what's goin on

kinda not in a bloggy mood lately, but here's what's been going on...

New Stuff
last week i picked up some magazines and things that my friend katherine sent back from london with a friend.

We're baaack!
the pidgens that were born on jon's parents balcony are back. they come almost every morning and coo away while they hop around the balcony.

Toast with jam and Cosby Show
last week mornings consisted of toast with jam, and watching the cosby show in my underwear, because the apartment was so unbearably hot.

i almost forgot i bought these pants from pixie market. i want to find a few more pairs in tokyo.

Domestic suburban bliss.
cabin fever? maybe.

Travelling soon.
i'm getting excited about japan. we booked a ryokan/hot spring resort near sapporo. i am so excited for the hot spring baths. i got this luggage tag for my bag.


xAx said...

Love the pants, and hot springs are amazing - i visited some when i was in S.America. What are you planning on purchasing in Japan? I haven't felt like blogging, probably because i've been busy and am pretty tired. First day back at work :( getting closer to Canada though....

chris said...

hot springs in're so lucky! I'm so jealous!!

Melissa said...

I'm jealous that your place is heated!! After practically melting all summer from pregnancy hot flashes, I completely forgot how cold and how completely un-insulated my place is. It's not even remotely that cold outside, but inside my house I can leave ice cream out for an hour and it'll still be frozen!! Not joking either!!

Graziella said...

have a fun time in Japan! I love the onsen we went to by Mt. Fuji. Oooh, you should(must) have sushi breakfast at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. Best sushi ever. And don't forget to have ramen! Oh man, now I wanna go back to Tokyo. Love that place! enjoy!

Stephanie said...

xax- i can't wait to try out all the different kinds of water! i have a massive list of things that i want (from japan or otherwise) so i'm hoping to stick to a list. i don't know... we'll see how i fare! i'm really looking forward to the vintage/second hand stores there. at least you have a goal in sight!

chris- i can't wait! i've never been to one before.

mellissa- we're staying at jon's parents. they live in a high rise and you know the saying... hot air rises! we don't have the heat on at all but it's like a damn sauna in here! (well, last week anyway) we rarely turned the heat on in our old place (i guess bricks are good insulation) time to get the hot water bottle out! actually, my laptop keeps me warm most winter days. the thing gets so hot it's permanently cooked part of my thighs!

graziella- thanks! i can't wait for yummy sushi. we have it pretty good in vancouver, so i'm anxious to try it out over there- especially sashimi, baked anything, and izakaya!

thesearchforchic said...

Those pants are amazing.. everyone seems to have amazing trousers this season!!

And little me can't find any.. I guess it's a look only for the tall.

Those are SO cool. <3

Caroline said...

those pants look fantastic!